*Free* Download Viber for Samsung Phones, Sony, HTC, Sony Ericssion, Nokia, Windows, Mac

Features of Viber for the Samsung Phones, Sony, HTC, Sony Ericssion, Nokia

As already been mentioned, this application is indeed very popular across the world. The fact it is so popular is simply for its features. You can simply send unlimited messages and even make free voice calls. It even includes free video calls.

Now as you can send unlimited free text messages you can even share the photos and videos along with voice notes with the people in conversation. You even have the facility to share the locations since this having a GPS sensor. Users can easily make voice or video calls using the viber. You can be simply assured that the quality of the calls is indeed superb. The voice and video calls are almost equivalent to the HD quality. Viber application will just be requiring active data connection and a good downloading speed. It never charges anything for its services.


The viber can easily work on your 3G data pack. It can even work at the Wi-Fi. So just remember that if you are in a home or an office with proper Wi-Fi connection then you can easily make free voice and video calls to your friends who also have the viber connection. Viber connection will be using your phone number as your ID just like your Whatsapp. Whoever in your contact is using the viber app will be found automatically once the viner is installed. Well the best thing is that you need not create any unnecessary profile or add or even delete any person in your contact. So, Download viber today.

Users will also be facilitated to create groups where they would be able to keep maximum of 100 friends. The users can easily create groups related to their schools, college and work and they can even stay connected with them easily. Users can easily share the pictures, videos and also can send unlimited text messages with the common group message conversation window.

Ways to download Viber for the Samsung Phones Sony, HTC, Sony Ericssion, Nokia

This app actually provides active push notification feature using which the Viber app notifies the user for every new text messages, voice or video calls or anything that is related to you happening in the network. This is basically how you never miss almost anything that is going on in the network.

Download Viber for the Samsung Phones

If you own a Samsung Bada phone then you can download it from here. If you own an Android Smartphone then you can check this link. So as you see you can easily download the applications from the sites mentioned above. As soon as you check out the links you will be getting the necessary installations links which will itself guide you to the proper steps of installation. So sit back and just enjoy the conversations in viber.

Download Viber for Samsung BADA

 Viber Download for Android 

Some More Links To Download Viber

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Viber for Bada

Download Viber for Nokia

So, guys what are you waiting for just download viber for Samsung Phones, Sony, HTC, Sony Ericssion, Nokia, Windows, Mac.

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