Free Download Viber for PC Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

It is good news to have Viber for PC. This is what we are going to talk about in this blog today and let you know how you can download this communication app for android. Sometimes we bloggers forget that not everyone who comes to our blogs with knowledge of everything. So, I want to let you know what Viber for PC is. This is an android app by Viber and we can called a social app. What happens when you download it is that you can enjoy making free voice and video calls to your friends and relatives who are all over across the world as long as they are connected to internet.

Free Download Viber for PC Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

Another thing is that you will be able to enjoy sending free messages, send images and your favorites videos. All this can now be done using PC, Android phone, Viber Windows Phone or using different SmartPhone we have today by rooting. Now, we are going to take you through a small process on how to download Viber for PC on windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista. There is also Viber for Nokia, Viber for iPad, Viber Blackberry among others. Below we share with you features of Viber for PC.

Features of Viber for PC

We know without some attractive features you won’t even bother to go ahead and download this app. That is why we are giving you these features to let you know what you would expect once you download Viber for PC.

  • It is a free app
  • It makes the best and quality voice calls
  • Gives quality video calls
  • Allows group chat
  • You can transfer calls to other devices
  • It is sync for PC and Smartphone
  • You can send messages and pictures to people
  • Allows you to send sticker messages

How to Download Viber for Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista

Viber for PC Requirements

Download Viber for Nokia

As you know, in this process you need to know what is needed of you so as to download this great android app. The first thing you need is register for a Viber account and you can do this using your mobile phone and it should be active. Ensure also that you are using either windows or Mac. Note that here we are talking about Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista. You also need a 2GB RAM MIN on your PC to accommodate Viber for PC. You need an excellent internet for easy and faster download and app installation. And finally you must have graphic card which have at least 128mb DDR2 or more and you will be ready to go. Read also:

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Viber for PC Download- Free Viber Download

The first thing you need is android emulator and we have one by the name Bluestacks which comes with different games and apps in it which you can install on your PC. This is because Viber for android cannot fit in your PC without the help of android emulator.

  • Install Bluestacks on your PC
  • Go to search box and type in Viber for PC or search it on Google play store.
  • Click on the app to download
  • Once the download is finished, locate the file and double click it
  • It will open in a window where you will be required to follow what you see on the screen.

Follow the instructions which will be given on your screen to install Viber for PC. Note that this is where the app will be fully downloaded and install. While installing Viber for PC, you will be asked some few questions such as whether you have Viber on your mobile phone. Just give the correct answer and proceed to the next step. After that you will be asked to give your mobile phone number in order to go on to the other step. In this step you need to give the correct number since Viber will use it to send a code which will give you authorization to having Viber on your PC. Now you will be able to enjoy using Viber for PC as often as you need it free of charge.

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