Free apps for VoIP calls reach the Nokia Lumia phones

The ability to make free calls over the Internet has always been a point to note for users of smartphones. Now, one of the most known applications and used for it arrives fully to Windows Phone 7, specifically the Lumia range of handsets from the Finnish Nokia. We refer to Viber, an app that is on the path to becoming a social network with options similar to WhatsApp, but the key point of the calls is Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).

Users of Windows Phone 7 already had the possibility to download Viber and keep in touch via message. However, lacking the keynote of this application was free calls function that now, after several months, arrives exclusively for terminals Nokia Lumia.

Thus, users of the Nokia Lumia 900, 800 and 710 and can update or download Viber to stay in touch without spending a single euro, provided they have a flat rate data or, more advisable option, use a free WiFi. In this way, you are not limited to messaging, or location sharing images, but you can exchange voice comfortably. All this is as if it were a normal call they were, but with the requirement of a good internet connection.

We say what the good internet connection because, as announced itself Viber, the call over the Internet will be in HD or high definition, something that will be welcome given the disastrous results of other tools via Internet voice that suffer cuts and get distorted by noise. But it is not the only new Viber for Lumia range, it also included is the ability to create group conversations, to send messages to a group of contacts, like WhatsApp.

This new version has been developed in collaboration with Nokia, hence its exclusivity. However, it seems a low blow to the other users of Windows Phone 7, which will remain a tool of communication, without their main function, only can send free messages. Hopefully this is only temporary exclusivity, although not specified in the press release.

Furthermore, Viber has reached the platform Bada from Samsung and the former Nokia with Symbian S40 OS to put more people in touch worldwide without relying on a single platform. Thus, it expected to exceed the current figures, which are already more than 10 million calls a day.

The new version of Viber for Lumia range, in which calls can be madefree in HD, will be available in the next few days through the new Windows Phone Marketplace, now called Windows Phone Store, within the special selection for these terminals. As always, it will be completely free, being necessary to associate a phone number.

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