Find the current location of the contact using iMessage

iOS 8, as confirmed by Apple is the most heaviest and advanced iOS version release till date. Well, the installation was so heavy that it required atleast 4 GB of free space on the device. With the release of iOS 8, Apple have introduced a lot many new features. Some of the distinct and notable are smart editing tool for adjusting light and color for the photos, timed deletion of the deleted photos, camera timer, predictive typing, the new health app, easy jump between drafts and inbox on the mail app, addition of DuckDuckGo search engine support, maps place cards on contacts, and many more.

The most distinct feature enhancement I see and which we use every day is for the iMessage. The iMessage have been enhanced to ‘tap to talk’. The similar feature which we have it on Viber or Whatsapp is not on iMessage. So, no more going to third party apps for sending short voice messages. Another feature to compete with Viber and other third party apps is the iMessage calling. With this feature you can call to any iOS 8 user without actually spending the call charges.


The best additional feature of iMessage is the merge of maps to locate the contact. If you want to find the exact location of the person or friend or family member which whom you are chatting then tap on the Details option on the top right corner of the chat window. The next slide which opens will give you the exact location of the person.


If you want to see further location details then just top on the map and the enlarged map will open. You can open this further on the Apple map app and also get the direction to the location. The main point you need to note here is that the other person should be sharing his location , that is his/her location service should be ON and also your location services should be ON.


Adding this feature Apple is competing with all the location tracking apps like Find my Friend , Tracker, etc. The advantage of this location feature is that you will no longer require to ask the person where he/she is or no longer need to call and ask you teenage kid about his/her location or get the direction to your friends home.

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