Find out here how to spy on IM Chats with tracking app?

Everyone uses instant message chats today. Free messaging application may be installed just in a few minutes, and as long as you get it installed you can start to communicate with your friends. Due to the popularity of these applications, many users of mobile devices would like to have the possibility to spy on IM chats of other people. Huge demand in tracking apps has caused the raise of developing software for monitoring income and outcome messages in IM chats.

WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts


If you want to spy on IM chats, we recommend you to pay attention to tracking software that monitor such popular chats as WhatsApp, Viber and Hangouts. These chats are the most popular ones, however most part of spy phone tracker apps provide software for other IM chats as well (including iMessage for iPhone users, BBM and PIN for Blackberry users, Snapchat and even LINE – FlexiSpy offers apps that monitor this chat app as well). Using phone spy app to track IM you get access to the history of correspondence, contact list of target device with pictures, names and other information, all the materials sent via those applications. Besides, in Viber, for example, you will be able to see group charts where your target participates, emoticons and stickers than he uses and even shared location as well as all other info he shares with his contact list. All the information will be sent to your dashboard so you can access to spy on IM chats it whenever you want.

Facebook Messenger


It is not a secret that the most popular social media is Facebook. Almost everyone is registered there, and most part of them uses Facebook messengers to communicate with their contacts and friends. It gives a perfect opportunity to those who want to spy on IM chats. With tracking software you will get information not only about messages sent via device where monitoring app is installed, but also about group chats, time and date when any conversation occurred, multimedia files sent via FB messengers. Besides, spy cell phone app provides you access to the pages of people of contact list of the target device. It is quite obvious that anyone who wants to spy on IM chats would like to get the phone tracker app that controls Facebook. Fortunately, most of the developers provide users with such an option.



Skype is another messenger that is popular among mobile phone users from all over the words. Developers of mobile phone spy software provide apps for all the OS. You can get access to other person’s Skype account using any of the tracking apps to receive such information as contact list, details of any conversation including group chats, profile details and messages that a person receives. Any of the application of spy on IM chats software is perfect option for a person who wants to take back control under his life. From now, you are going to know everything that is related to your life, and you are going to use this information to your benefit.

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