Download Viber for PC

This guide is going to help you know how to download Viber for PC, how to install it and also how to use it online without facing any issues. Whether you use Windows or Mac or Linux-powered laptop or computer, this guide is going to help you to run Viber online, easily.

In the universe of messaging applications, we have plenty of planets i.e. options to choose from and start living within its atmosphere. Sometimes, we choose the right planet which have a better atmosphere for us to survive for years while sometimes we make a mistake.

If you are done using your current messaging application and in search for next best planet then consider adding the location of Viber (Windows Phone | iOS | Android | BlackBerry OS | Nokia Symbian) planet in the GPS system of your rocket. This planet is great and holds millions of people inside.

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Install Viber Online

I am here to share Viber review with you along with the two best methods to install and run Viber on computer, followed by how to use Viber on PC instruction set. All of this is to help you get settled on this new planet and don’t face any bad experience. I am pretty sure you are going to like it and will choose it to live your next coming years.

Viber Review

This is the part where you will understand who this app works and the quality it delivers to ensure highest possible user experience. To start with, Viber is free to use but holds to certain paid offers which you are allowed to ignore and continue using the free version. For your ease, I have divided the review of Viber in sections.

# Cool and Simple UI

Design should be the first part you consider choosing anything in your life and when it comes to internet related things, then design matters a lot. Viber holds a very cool looking and simple working user interface which is always going to make you feel good.

Viber for PC Download

From the very first moment, you will start liking everything you see because of the warm color selection, cool icons, clearly visible lines, etc. Everything looks great and works instantly, thanks to its very capable performance engine.

# Audio and Video Calls

This is the second reason why you should be using Viber. It offers both audio (voice) and video calls to be made to any person in contact within this application. If someone isn’t using Viber, but you still have his/her phone number, then you are also allowed to make the phone call, right within the Viber application.

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Please note that, such phone calls will be charged and to start with, you need to buy credit. The charges Viber ask to pay is less when you compare it to the traditional voice call packs, especially if you want to make international phone calls. Yes, the same feature is offered by Skype as well. I have explained it in detail, later.

# Friends Chat

Once you are done setting up the Viber application once, it will automatically import all the contacts from your phone to its contact list. You are allowed to access all the contacts right within the application. The list equally differentiate between the users who are using Viber and the one who are not. But, I really didn’t like the way it shows every contact. There is no use of doing that.

Viber for pc Review

You can simply tap on the friend you want to chat with, and his profile appears. Now, you can either click on the Free Call button or the Free Message one. Free Call will give you the option to either start a voice call or a video call for free.

But the free message one will allow you to start the conversation. The conversation screen looks simple and just like any other messaging application. You are not only allowed to send texts, but also pictures, videos, voice notes, along with stickers, emoticons, etc. You are rarely going to find a feature not covered by the Viber here.

# Public Chat

This is a unique feature which helps you to find a public profile of a known person or company or any other organization. You can follow that profile and then you will be updated with what they are sharing and what other Viber users are talking about that profile.

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This isn’t that useful feature for me, because I rarely want to know what is going out in the world, especially in the life of known persons, but if you are interested in this kind of service, then it’s available for free.

# Voice calls to phone numbers

As I already mentioned, Viber allows free voice calls and for that you need to pay. You have to buy credits which will be used to make the phone calls. You can either make voice or video call if the other smartphone is compatible to do so.

Viber for computer online

The quality offered in the voice calls, is good and somewhat equal to the traditional voice call through the cellular network. Although it is recommended that you always use an internet connection with at least 1MBPS speed, in order to experience better quality phone calls.

Methods to use Viber online

Well, there are two methods available for mankind to choose and use this perfect messaging application online. We all know that Viber works best when we use it on a smartphone but to ensure certain comfortability levels, we have to use it on the computer.

Viber for pc help

To make you further comfortable, I am adding both the methods down here. You can go through them one by one and choose the best, according to your taste and technical expertise.

Also, if you are a computer science student or know technical things then consider using the first method. While the second method is for everyone else who just want the abstract model.



The computer or laptop at your end needs to be compatible with the requirements. I am adding them before you get started with any of the methods and later trapped into issues due to incompatibility things.

  1. The PC should have 4GB or more RAM (Primary Memory). This is to ensure that the multiple applications can run on your system without delivering any performance issues.
  2. The system should have a display monitor with HD resolution. Also, it should have HD standard of graphics driver running, and that too of the latest version. This will ensure that system is capable of running the application’s graphics and cool animations.

At last, the system should have storage left to hold the files and folders of Viber application. Always keep 5-10GB free in C Drive as it ensures faster performance.

How to Download Viber for PC

This is the first method to use Viber online on computer or laptop. This method works for Windows and Mac platforms. I am going to add the Windows one here, but it is almost similar on Mac as well.

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The only difference is the installation process which you are already familiar with. Didn’t ring a bell? It will once you proceed with the below mentioned instructions. Make sure you don’t skip any.

Step 1 – First thing is to grab the installer package of BlueStacks app player software. This is the software which has been used by over 85 millions of users and you are never going to find a bad experience with this.

How to Download Viber for PC 1

Step 2– After you have downloaded the installer package, next thing to do is to begin with the installation process of BlueStacks. I have already shared detailed guides covering Windows (all OS versions) and Mac platform. To find yours one, visit the BlueStacks installation part (for Windows) and select the platform you are using.

Step 3 – I hope you are through the installation process without any issues and successfully. Now, your job is to start the software you just installed.

How to Download Viber for PC 2

Step 4 – Inside it, you will find a Search tool, tagged right at the first screen, on top left corner. Click on the same now.

Step 5 – It will open a search tool in the full screen mode, within the software. Enter ‘Viber’ name as search term and it enter. You will see the application’s link in the results, click on the same and wait for a while.

Step 6 – BlueStacks will interrupt in between and will ask you to login. This setup the sync feature and also allows you to access Google play services. So, you need to use a Google account to login.

How to Download Viber for PC 3

Step 7 – Once you are done with the login part, that link you have clicked on will make the app opened in Google play store. Right now its in search results, so click on the appropriate one.

Step 8 – At the next screen, Viber will be opened completely and the last thing left to do is to click on ‘install’ option ahead at the listing.

The process is over and you have to give the application some time to get it installed on its own. Yes, the rest of the process will happen on its own, just like it happens on an Android device. After that, you can launch Viber from the home screen of BlueStacks.

Install Viber on Computer using its Desktop Application

This is the second method and a better alternative to the above one. You will be pleased to know that Viber comes in desktop application format as well. Yes, its official and doesn’t require any other software like BlueStacks to be installed first.

If you are interested in this method, then you need to go through simple instructions I have listed down here. Yes, this is the Viber desktop PC method. 

Step 1 – Open this website (official webpage of Viber) and grab the installer package for your system. You can choose between Windows, Mac and Linux over there.

1 Viber for pc download

Step 2 – Wait for a while till the installer package gets downloaded and once its downloaded 100% then you have to double click on the same file.

2 Viber for pc Windows 7

Step 3 – Click on Run option from the first pop-up (it happens only in Windows) and proceed ahead. In Linux and Mac, the process will be slightly different but the one with which you are already familiar with.

3 Viber for pc Windows 8.1

Step 4 – Go through on screen instructions like accepting the licence agreement, clicking on Next, Next buttons until you reach the Finish one. This will complete the installation process of Viber. In Mac, to complete this, you need to drag and shortcut of Viber into the Application folder.

4 Viber for pc Free Windows

Launch the application. Enter your account details and you can begin using the Viber application.

How to Use Viber on PC/Laptop

Whichever method you chose and done with the installation process, you can begin the Viber application and begin using it.

5 Viber for pc account online

In the first method, you need to simply login with your account credentials and then Viber will be at your service to be used completely. The whole interface is similar to its smartphone’s version and so you need not to worry about learning anything new.

In the second method, interface is slightly difference but nothing weird to worry for. In less than a minute, you will understand how things work and what shortcuts are meant for. But, in this one, you need to create the account on a smartphone or tablet first.

Viber for Laptop

If you don’t have any, then you can’t use Viber directly using this desktop application. This is the limitation of this desktop application method.

Wrap up

So, this was all about Viber I got here. I hope you didn’t get confused in choosing the best method to use Viber on laptop or computer from the two I shared above. If you still find yourself in confusion, then share your thoughts in the discussion section and I will come up with a customised solution for you.

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Personally, I prefer using the first method out of these two, because I don’t have to remember a new UI, as the first one is allowing the same application to be used, which I am already using on my smartphone. It can also be used on tablet.

Also, let me know if my Viber review helped you to judge this application. I know this app is not the one which is used by a lot of your friends but still if you were looking for a better alternative with bunch of additional features, then Viber is worth giving a try. What’s your take on this?


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