Download Viber

You may have already heard of Viber, the mobile application that lets you text and chat at no cost.  Now, the free instant messaging app is available for download for your PC, so you won’t even have to stray from your desk to be able to contact your friends and family.

Keep the communication flowing

With Viber for Windows, you can do anything that you can do on the mobile app from your PC.  The only requirement is that you have the app already installed on your phone.  Once you have it installed on your mobile device, you can download it to your computer.  The programwill automatically import all of your contacts and sync your messages for you, saving you from a great hassle.  In order to communicate with your friends using Viber, they will also need to have the app installed on their PC or mobile device.

Viber does not necessarily have to be used just for making free calls and sending text messages.  For example, it has support for group conversations and lets you make video calls from your PC.  The program also synchronizes all of your messages, contacts, and call history between your computer and all of your mobile devices.

Viber uses VoIP technology in order to deliver a service that is totally free of charge.  This means that your instant messaging and call connections will only be as strong as your Internet.  It is important to note that video calls require more bandwidth, so if you do not have a good data connection you may not be able to benefit from this feature.

A worthy alternative

Yes, it is true that Viber is just one of many free instant messaging and calling apps available on the market, but this one has a few added benefits.  If you enjoy being in constant communication with friends and loved ones, it is definitely worth giving this app a try.

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