Download and Install Viber on Samsung Galaxy S6

Download and Install Viber on Samsung Galaxy S6

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 almost about to release any day now, the company has been working hard for days and nights, trying to come out with a perfect launch for the device which is arguably the most awaited launch of the year so far.

The phone with all its glamour is awaited as it is the frontrunner in samsung’s mobile phone division, and the latest phone in the Samsung Galaxy S series.

With technology of the blades in it, the phone is now coming out with innovations like never before.

Samsung’s trademark plastic body look has finally gone for good and a new sleek and beast of a metallic body has been introduced to this phone.

The S6 has truly been one of the most awaited phones of recent memory.

However it is not just us the users and the marketers of Samsung who are awaiting the launch, but there are companies like Viber who are there to make full use of this opportunity and to promote their product using the launch of the Samsung galaxy S6.

Viber for Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to offer many new features, and is expected to make full use of the twin blades that come out with it.

The company has apparently designed and developed some strategies which will empower the users to do much more with the blades.

The blades will glow purple and flash the name in white techno-digital fonts when a call is coming, the user of the phone has the option to disable the screen and enable just the blades. This adds to the appeal of the phone and makes it look better than ever.

How to download and install Viber on Samasung Galaxy S6

– Downloading and installing viber is very easy, for that you need to first open the Android Market which is now known as the Google Play Store.

– From there you need to search for “Viber Messenger” in the search bar on the top.

– After you have searched for it, you can then download the application. It comes with a purple speech bubble with a white phone in it.

– After installing it you will need to verify your phone number via the means of text or calling, you will receive a text or a call from viber which will give you the confirmation code.

– Put that code in the box. You’re set to go!

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