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New SurvCE5 Registration Methods Available via QR Codes

Version 5 of SurvCE has introduced a new method of the software registration to make it faster and more reliable.

If your data collector is already connected to Internet, then the easiest choice is to use “Register with Data Collector Internet”.

For the vast majority of the users who do not already have existing Internet connection on the data collector, the “Register with Smartphone” choice is the preferred . This method requires the scanning of a special barcode called a QR code which represents all the device’s signature information needed for registration.

Video demonstrating registration via smartphone and registration via data collector Internet

Here are the several ways to complete registration using QR code:

Using an App Register online by scanning the barcode with a smartphone/tablet app*:

  • QR scanners for iOS devices Q.TR Scanner QR Reader
  • QR scanners for Android devices Q.TR Scanner QR Droid Scanner 
  • Amazon Fire tablets QR & Barcode Scanner

*Please note that these are just some applications we have tested and similar scanners should work fine.

To complete registration using a QR code scanner app, please start the app on your smartphone or tablet, then use it to read the QR code displayed under “Register with Smartphone”. You may need to manipulate the angle to minimize screen glare. Once the code is scanned, proceed to the address displayed to complete registration.

Using a Webcam Scan the barcode with your computer’s webcam and register from your computer:

  • QR Scanner
  • Chrome plugin

To complete registration using a webcam, please hold the data collector with QR code displayed under “Register with Smartphone” facing the webcam. You may need to manipulate angle to minimize screen glare. Once the code is scanned, proceed to the address displayed to complete registration.

Using a Photo Take a picture of the QR code:

If the above methods are not available, please take the best possible snapshot of the QR code using screen capture, a digital camera or your smartphone. Make sure the entire screen is captured in focus and without glare. Please email this picture to along with your company name, user name and phone number.

If you are capturing this screen on non-smartphone and email is not available, please send it to Carlson as multimedia message (MMS) to the number +1 (859) 903 5028. Make sure to include your Company Name, User name and email address in the text of the message.

Manual Registration

In a rare case that none of the previous registration methods are available, manual registration may be required. For users running on a Carlson model data collector a “Manual Registration” button is available and registration can be completed at . For other devices, please contact Carlson Software for further assistance with registration.

Step-by-step screenshots for registering your software using a QR code can be viewed here.

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