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Spying on any Android or Apple device, from cell phones to tablets, has just become a lot easier. Find out how this app works from one more of Auto Forward reviews.

THE GOOD: No jailbreak required for iOS devices; great compatibility with Android; wide device support, helpful and timely customer service.

THE BAD: No geo-fencing feature, which is not too bad if you don’t care about this kind of functionality.

Ultimately: Effortless way to use software to track any mobile device without wasting any time or money; easy even for beginners.

What can you do with

As you’ve probably guesses already, Auto Forward is a spying app that allows you to remotely monitor any mobile devices without getting noticed or physically accessing the device. The no-jailbreak feature is one of the most crucial for many users who don’t know how to jailbreak a target device or simply don’t want to do it. The comprehensive support for nearly every Apple and Android device is also among the Auto Forward’s strong points.

The affordable price tag is another big advantage over the competitors, given that, in most cases, for $69 you’ll either get limited functionality or will be forced to pay monthly fees for as long as you’re using the app. With the exception of Auto Forward and a couple of other apps, spying software requires you to pay a regular fee for a minimum of three months, which is not great for those who are looking for a cell phone monitoring app on a budget. Plus, most of these monthly paid apps make it very difficult to cancel the subscription, which is one more reason they need to be avoided. The one-time payment of $69 is a very competitive price for the range of functions and usability of you’ll find out about in a bit. And don’t forget about lifetime upgrades that are available to any Auto Forward app user absolutely for free for as long as you use the software!

Autoforward for Android devices

Prices for Android:

  • 1 month – $29,99;
  • 1 year – $359,98.
Prices for Auto Forward Android

Many users find that the variety of features Auto Forward offers for Android cell phones and tablets cannot even be compared to other apps in the market, as their range of capabilities makes it a unique and universal tool for spying on Android. Besides the usual features like text message tracking, call recording, social media data, multimedia files GPS information, and browser history, you also get an opportunity to retrieve text messages that were already deleted from the device, even if they’ve been sent or received a year ago. This kind of functionality is truly unique for an Android spying app.

Auto Forward for Apple devices

Although Auto Forward is our preferred method of spying on Android devices, it performs as great with Apple as it does with Android. From the start, Auto Forward allows you to use it in two ways. The first one requires the user to jailbreak the target device, which can give you a broader spectre of features, but presents a challenge for many users who are not too technology-savvy. The second option is preferred by the majority of customers, as it’s the no-jailbreak tool that doesn’t require you to jailbreak the target device. This is an ideal choice for situations where you don’t have the physical access to the phone, you have no idea how to do a jailbreak, or you simply don’t want to risk doing it.

As you can learn from the many Auto Forward reviews online, Auto Forward is one of the few monitoring tools that are not only compatible with nearly every Apple device like iPhone and iPad, but also with any iOS version released to date, which means there is virtually no Apple gadget you can’t monitor with the help of Considering the advanced security mechanisms implemented in Apple’s hardware and software, the opportunity to go undetected inside any device is truly remarkable. To cut the long story short, if you want to spy on an Apple gadget and don’t want to or can’t jailbreak the device, this tool is exactly what you’re looking for. Prices for IPhone:

Prices for Auto Forward IPhone
  • 1 month – $29,99;
  • 1 year – $359,98.

How does Auto Forward work?

Once you pay for the program in full, you receive an email that includes your username, password, app download link, and license key. Auto Forward allows you to download the software over the air simply by entering the phone number of the device you want to monitor and then simply letting the program do the rest. Overall the process won’t take you longer than a minute or two, which is what almost every Auto Forward review seems to point out, since this kind of speed and efficiency is still rare for similar apps. You can get to finally using the app in three easy steps:

  1. Download the app over the air.
  2. Activate the software using your unique license key.
  3. Start monitoring the target device from your computer or mobile gadget.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about either the setup or use of Auto Forward, which is wonderful news for people who have been too intimidated to use spying software in the past. Easy installation and wide functionality for a modest price of $69.99 is what attracts thousands of potential customers looking for Auto Forward reviews online. Buy it once and you’ll never need to pay a single cent again.

After connecting the app to the device, every piece of data available is retrieved and securely uploaded to the program’s servers, where it can be easily accessed by you anytime you need to check the information. Login to your account using the data provided in the registration email and proceed to studying the information you’ll see in your account. Computer may seem like the most convenient option for monitoring, but we’ve found that nearly any mobile device works just as well.

Essential Auto Forward features

  • Calls: track and record calls with expanded data like duration, number, and timestamps.
  • Text messages and iMessages: access the messages sent to and from the device, even the ones that have been already erased.
  • Emails: check every email ever sent and received, complete with sender information and time.
  • GPS tracking: find out the whereabouts of the target phone within a 50ft radius.
  • Multimedia: see the pictures and videos taken by the device and stored on it.
  • Web history: learn which websites have been visited and at what time.
  • Remote uninstall: send a text message to completely delete the app from the target phone.
  • Hidden camera: take pictures in stealth mode using the phone’s camera.
  • Social media use: find out what’s going on in popular apps like Instagram, Viber, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, etc.
  • App use: discover which apps have been installed and which are frequently used.

Summary of our review

After carefully testing and studying Auto Forward, we can conclude that for users who are looking for a wide specter of functionality without having to spend hours downloading and installing the app or jailbreaking the target device, Auto Forward may be the most solid choice. Among its other advantages we can name the reasonable price of $69, the effortless setup process, the absence of monthly fees, discreet use, and easy-to-read user interface. If you want to keep track of the mobile activity of your family members or employees, but don’t want to do spend an infinite amount of time learning to use the software, go for Auto Forward and you’re definitely not going to be disappointed.


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