Author Services Technology Report


Scope: Technology Reports discuss new technologies and techniques in the context of their place in the field of molecular diagnostics.

Word limit: The word limit for Technology Reports is 5,000-7,000 words (not including abstract, key issues, figure and table legends, and references).

Every article must contain:

Title: Should be concise but informative, including the drug and therapeutic indication. Titles should not contain brand names

Authors’ names and addresses: Including address, academic qualifications and job titles of all authors, as well as telephone number, fax number and email address of the author for correspondence on a separate cover sheet as the peer reviewers will be blinded to the authors’ identity. Please note that only the address of the first author of the article will appear on Medline/PubMed, not necessarily the corresponding author.

Summary (maximum 150 words): The role of the summary is to draw in the interested casual browser. This should not be an abstract but should outline the article scope and briefly put it into context. No references should be cited in the summary.

Keywords: A brief list of keywords, in alphabetical order, is required to assist indexers in cross-referencing. The keywords will encompass the therapeutic area, mechanism(s) of action, key compounds etc.

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