Another beautiful love story

The lovely couple met in September 2015 and got married in June 2016. Their love affair was quick but not without twists and turns.

“Both of us didn’t believe we would really find a partner through a dating site”

At first James sent about 20 Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) to ladies after he joined. He didn’t think it was going to work but surprisingly, most of the girls answered positively. This presented a challenge of scaling down the number of contacts and selecting the best. At the end, it was his beautiful future wife Irina that became his only contact but this didn’t happen at once.

Irina, too, wasn’t too hopeful about finding a match through a dating site when she initially joined. But after getting an EOI from James, she wrote him a letter and the correspondence started. Chats on Skype and Viber followed.

Irina from Russia.

Twists and turns of dating online

At the time, James was quite busy at work with frequent business trips. Because of that, their communication had breaks and one of them lasted for about a month. Irina even thought he had lost interest and decided to delete him from Skype contacts. But to be polite, she thought of first writing and telling him she was going to do it. She did, and to her surprise James responded instantly that no, he didn’t lost interest but thought, vice versa, she wasn’t eager to continue the relationship.

Such misunderstandings are probably not rare, where a pair loses contact even though both people are quite interested in each other.

A fresh start

For our heroes, this allowed them to start over. This time they were more determined and in a few months realized that they genuinely liked each other. They have discussed just about everything: Lifestyle, family values, expectations, hobbies, and other important things. It was time to meet.

Luckily, Irina had a valid USA visa and could visit the country as a tourist. After spending together over 10 days in Seattle together, the young lovers realized that they didn’t want to live without each other.

The decision was for James to visit Irina at her home city of St. Petersburg, so that he could meet her parents and formally ask for her hand in marriage. But this wasn’t destined to happen. The future groom and bride discovered that opening a Russian visa was too long a process, and they didn’t wish to spend this much time apart. Irina resigned from her job and packed her bags, and simply moved to the USA to join James.

The amazing romance

In her own words, family and friends were extremely surprised and cautious about this decision, as it seemed too sudden. But she didn’t want to be away from the man whom she fell in love with, her new best friend and partner.

So, after visiting her online boyfriend in March, she again landed in the USA in April. They got engaged in May and married in June. From the beginning of their romance it took only 9 months until the wedding.

(Read the complete story of Irina and James here.)


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