8 Viber Defenders Strategy Guides

I tried Viber Defenders as I’m looking for a new Tower Defense game. Though I never found new concept in this game which is not present in other tower defense game, seeing new content also entertained me for a moment. For hours of playing Viber Defenders, I found it more interesting as it is challenging which is what I really looking for on playing Tower Defense . I said challenging not pay to win game. Meaning to say even it is really difficult yet player can still complete it even without spending money and unfortunately I consider this game pay to win especially even unlocking additional stage requires you to use premium items which you can get from in game (rare) or buy it using cash.

Now what I like in this game is the option for watching ads in return of free energy. As hardcore gamer, energy system is really a nightmare, well thanks for those advertisement clip I can have almost have unlimited energy in Viber Defenders which let me to grind or extend my journey more.

Also if you are serious in this game, you really need to play it actively or not to turn it off on your gadget as devs designed this game that way. As you can see the maximum number of resources that you can store in game is very limited. So meaning to say you can’t leave the game longer or else it will let you miss to collect resources. Imagine you can only store 40/40 resources while every upgrade you need to spend more than 100 pieces. That is really disappointing unless you have lots of money to buy it directly from the shop.

Well i’m here not to show you flaws of this game. I don’t want also to discourage you but that is what I really experienced from playing Viber Defenders. Anyway I’m here to give you Viber DEfenders Strategy Guide. Take it because I don’t need it anymore hahaha.

1. Always start with  Ballista first. Because you will never know what monster will come, it is either ground or aerial. So you should place Ballista that can handle both type of monsters. Freezer can do attack both two but doesn’t have decent damage. Cannon can attack only ground-type monsters. Always remember that the first wave is the most important as this will give you resources that you can use to build additional or do upgrade towers. There will be times especially on advanced level that you will get fail by simply missing first wave.

2. The positioning pattern should be Freezer  then Cannon and finally Ballista. Always put your Freezer nearest to the respawning portal since slow is very important as part of your defense. Follow by Cannon as this can eliminate hordes of monsters in just a single blow. Cannon is design for multiple target while as your finishing blow, put the Ballista. This tower is capable of dealing large amount of damage for single opponent. This is your final defense for those monsters that survived your cannon, freezer and hero.

3. Always use air strike/airborne (player perks) as often as possible. I don’t find any reason why you shouldn’t use it as this is for free and have fast cooldown. So as long as this is available to use, deploy this in combat especially on spot that will hit larger amount of enemies. Usually I use it near the spawning portal as this will be the first attack that monsters will receive from me. And when dealing with armored opponent it is better to use it in your defense tower so you can take advantage with the stun it can deal against your opponent which giving your tower a more chance to them.

4. Use skip as possible as you can. This is for those who love challenges. Playing tower defense faster is always fun for those who are looking for challenge and skip will give you this. Plus upon using skip, you will earn additional resources that you can use to upgrade or build additional towers. But not all occasion you can use skip especially if you are dealing with armored type monsters that requires you time to eliminate them.

5. Always do upgrade as possible. I don’t find any reason why not to upgrade as long as you have enough resources. That is pretty basic but I want you to remind since most players forget it in playing tower defense like this. They are excited to play that they usually forget to improve their arsenal. Now for upgrading, it is good to decide what is the first to upgrade. Well based on my experience it is good to always upgrade your airborne as this requires experience points that you can get from playing the game. Just upgrade it whenever it possible. Also it doesn’t requires lots from your resources which will give you opportunity to upgrade your towers. And when it comes to your tower, focus on upgrading your cannon as this is primary damager dealer and then go for Ballista. You don’t need to upgrade Freezer unless you have lots of resources as you don’t need damage from this tower. You need freezer for slow and I think even with decent upgrade, still the damage that you will get from this tower is not yet enough to kill higher level mobs.

6. Always check and complete your objectives. Just like what i’ve said you have very limited amount of resources (stones / steel) which limits you to progress faster in game. You need that to upgrade your arsenal and the best thing to consider for you to get additional resources is by completing your objectives. Actually this is the same with completing stages, the only thing is that you can prioritize what level you should complete first or for you to collect the rewards from the level you already completed. So you should check it from time to time. This is annoying especially if you need not to mind the game like you are going to sleep or work but if you are really serious in this game, ask for someone who can check the storage for you. Also we believe that later on, you can unlock more mining that will let you store additional numbers of resources.

7. Take advantage the discounted items. If you are not like us and do you think that this game is worthy for your money, well you can spend money for this game. Just ensure that you will buy only those items in discount so it will not ask you to pay a lot. You can also buy gems in bulk for more discount.

8. Getting free gems. Everybody loves free, including me and instead of downloading Viber Defenders cheats for unlimited gems, I used to find a way where we can get it without spending money from my pocket. Well the first way is to play this game using your Viber account and that will give you an instant 50 pcs of gem. But that is only one time so I searched for more ways until I found out the Arena. This made this game interesting for me as I can compete with other players in return of free gems. So just don’t forget to lend some energy so you can play on arena and get free gems. You can also consider adding friends to play the game with you so you can get free gems too and also resources from some trades.

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