10 Ways to Stop Spam From Infiltrating Your Business Email

If you feel like you’re drowning in spam email everyday, you’re not alone. According to the site Spam Laws,

spam accounts for 14.5 billion messages globally per day. That figure accounts for 45% of all emails, with some estimates hitting a staggering 73%. Companies are also under the burden of spam: Spam Laws reports that 52% of companies polled said minimizing spam is a top priority.

The CAN-SPAM act went into effect in 2003 to help protect American consumers. There have been updates over the years, such as when the FTC differentiated between commercial and promotional emails, and transactional emails. But today we’re seeing an overlap between the two types of emails that the FTC hopes to clarify.

1. Strengthen Your Email Filters

It may be tempting to crank up your settings as high as they will go, but in reality, you could be blocking out your emails from clients or leads too. It’s best to find a happy medium where your filters are set high enough to eliminate some of the worst and most pervasive spam, but still allow customer inquiry emails to get through.

Paying the nominal annual fee for website domain privacy can actually help reduce the spam in your business email. When you register a domain without the domain privacy option, anyone can use the WHOIS database to see your contact information, including your name and email. WHOIS supplies this information in part to keep accurate domain records, and has actually helped law enforcement find people who run websites for nefarious purposes.

3. Use Unroll.me

Unsubscribing from email marketing lists early and often can help reduce spam email. A free service like Unroll.me can quickly search your inbox and make recommendations on what you should unsubscribe from with just a few clicks. You can also combine all of your favorite subscriptions into a single Rollup email to get all of your updates at once and gain some control over your inbox.

Unroll.me screen shot

4. Register a Junk Email Address

Make your junk email address something easy to use and remember. You can also go through the steps to increase your spam filters in this email account too.

Spammers are trying to get you to respond to their offers, or worse, fall for a phishing scheme. Hackers sometimes send malicious emails that download malware and viruses onto your computer. From there, your files can be encrypted and you’ll lose control of them unless you pay a ransom. You’ve probably heard about these ‘ransomware’ attacks occurring around the world.

6. Get SaneBox

SaneBox can also do this for you. You walk through a few steps to show SaneBox which emails are important and it will automatically sort that correspondence into the right folders. But it can also combine your important daily emails into one email digest called SaneLater that you can get to when you’re ready.

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7. Get MailRoute

When you sign up with any third-party service that promises to eliminate spam, check their track record and make sure they offer both inbound and outbound protection. They should also offer high availability so your email is never down when they’re undergoing maintenance or set up.

Keeping your business email off of public forums and even your own website can help reduce some spam. Of course, you still want clients to find you and be able to contact you in the first place.

9. Block Email Senders

Keep in mind a devoted spammer can simply register a new address and contact you again. But most spammers automatically send out a high level of spam to a huge list of people. They’re likely to just keep collecting and working through their emails. It’s still worth keeping a blocked email list going to keep your inbox tidy.

If your business is growing to the point that your inbox is out of control and you could use help with administrative tasks, it might make sense to hire a virtual assistant. Task them with duties ranging from setting appointments to writing blog posts visitors actually want to read. You can also have them clean up your inbox, sort spam and make sure everything is ready to go before you ever log in. You can hire a virtual assistant on an hourly basis from a service like Fancy Hands to keep your costs and overhead low.

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