10 Best Video calling app for Windows phone 10 [2016]

Video calling app would be very useful when our family or friends were living in abroad.  These days almost every company starts to integrate video calling feature to the existing app and one of the best example for this is WhatsApp.

So you want to hang out face-to-face with your family or friends on windows phone, right? Here are the lists of top 7 best video calling apps for your windows phone using which you can make free voice and video calls across the globe for free.

Best video calling App for Windows Phone 8.1 & 10

1. Skype

Are you looking for a cross platform supported video calling app? If yes, then Skype is the one you’re looking for. Whether you want to make a business conference call or personal video call, skype will help you on that.

One best thing to note about this app is it is cross platform supported which means you can easily make voice or video calls from PC to PC, Mobile to PC or PC to Mobile without any hassle.

Apart from video and voice calls, it also has an option to share files and screens to another device. So you don’t have to install any other third party software to perform this task. Here are some top features which make Skype unique,

  1. VOIP: Using skype credits, you can make a voice call to the landline or any other mobile number at a lower rate.
  2. Sharing: Want to share files or Screen with your friends?  Skype has this feature too. To send a file, just drag the file and drop it into the skype. Within a few seconds, your files will get delivered to the receiver.

2. Viber

Viber is another popular video calling app for windows phone using which you can make free voice and video calls all around the world for free. If you closely look at the features of Viber, you’ll find that it has almost every features that skype has except the translation and Business call features.

To use this application on your windows mobile, go to windows phone store, install the application and finally open the app. To make a video call, click on the contact name you want to make a call and that’s it. Your call will be connected within a few seconds.

Here are some of the top highlights of Viber,

  • No Registration: You don’t need to be a registered member to use this app because Viber doesn’t force you to create an account.
  • Free voice & video call: Using Viber, you can make a voice call to anyone who was having Viber  installed on their phone. Data plan or Wifi connection is required because Viber uses it for making calls.
  • File sharing: There is also has an option to share the files. Currently, Viber allows you to share only pictures and video files.

3. Whatsapp

Whenever we hear the term “Whatsapp”, the first thing that comes into our mind is a text chatting. From the last update onwards, Whatsapp also started to provide a video calling feature using which you can make a video call to another WhatsApp number for free without any subscriptions.

If you didn’t have the video call option, then try to update WhatsApp to the latest version on your windows phone.

When coming to the quality of video call, it is not up to the expectation. The reason is most of the time the application freezes when making a video call which is really annoying.

Here are some top picks of Whatsapp features,

  • Voice call & Video call
  • File sharing: Using WhatsApp, you can send files like images, documents, and songs to your friends in a single click.
  • Location: want to know where your friend is? Just ask your friend to share their location on WhatsApp.once they shared, then you’ll be able to find where he is and how many miles he is away from you.

4. ooVoo Video Call

Are you looking for a video calling application with powerful features for your windows phone? If yes, then ooVoo is the application you need to try. It has a feature known as Group video call using which you can make a group video call up to 12 friends at a time.

Other than voice and video calls, it also has features like group youtube streaming, ability to call to landlines, video call recording feature and a lot more. ooVoo has a feature known as “superclear technology” which helps you to make a high-quality video call even in the lower network connection speed.

Here are some of the best features of ooVoo application,

  • Group video call:  want to chat face to face with the group of friends? ooVoo lets you do that. So what you’re waiting for? Go and have a fun.
  • File sharing
  • Gifts store: Using ooVoo gifts store, you can buy free credits which can be used for calling people who don’t use ooVoo.

5. IMO

IMO is another great video calling application for windows phone 10 and 8.1 devices. It comes with basic features like voice calling, video calling, file sharing and even the ability to share short video clips.

IMO has its own encryption technology which hides your conversation from the government officials or any other spying eyes. So if you’re more concerned about your privacy, then IMO is the one you need to try out.

Like Skype, IMO also has hundreds of free stickers to express your feelings. Here are some of the top features of IMO,

  • Encrypted chats
  • Free voice and group video call
  • File sharing
  • Unique stickers

6. WeChat

Next video calling application that comes on our list is WeChat. It comes with basic stuff like video calling, location sharing, file sharing and even a Walkie talkie facility.

Are you feeling bored and none of your friends are online? Don’t worry. Because in WeChat there is a unique feature called “People nearby” and  “shake“. If you want to chat with your nearby strangers, just click on the People nearby option which will then show you a list of people near to you.

Like every other chatting application, WeChat also has so many free stickers to express your thoughts. Here are some of the top features of WeChat app,

  • Ability to share location and contact cards
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Ability to chat with strangers
  • Ability to find nearby WeChat users
  • and  a lot more.


Line is another great video chatting application for windows phones. Are you running out of balance? Hereafter never worry about that. Because in Line, there is a feature called Line out which lets you call people around the world for free. One good thing about this service is you can also call a person who was not using a Line application.

Making calls from Line to Line application is always free. But if you want to call a people who don’t use Line then you’ve to purchase a Line credits.

There is also a way to get free Line credits but you need to watch some advertisements in order to earn some credits. Here are some of the features of Line,

  • Voice & Video call: using Line, you can make free one on one and group calls to anyone, anywhere without any limits for free.
  • Latest news: want to hear the latest hot news? Just subscribe to any official news account on Line and that’s it.
  • Coupon codes: Line also send you coupon codes of various products frequently so that you won’t miss any good deals.

8. KaKaoTalk

The last application that comes on our list is “KaKao Talk”. Unlike most, this application provides only some basic features like face to face calling and Voice calling. Apart from those basic features, it also has an inbuilt gift shop from where you can buy and send gifts to your friends in a couple of clicks.

If you’re looking for a basic video calling application for your windows phone, then KaKaoTalk is the right choice for you. Here are some of the top features of KaKaoTalk,

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