Track Your Store Sales and Key Metrics in Facebook Messenger or Telegram


The module connects your store to Statiny chatbot in Facebook messenger bot or Telegram chatbot applications.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly sales
  • Average order size (average market basket)
  • New customer orders vs returning customer sales
  • Popular products sold per defined period
  • Detailed orders notifications
  • Cost of goods sold, and more
  • SOON: Compare sales periods, smart suggestions
  • Smart analytical statistics related to your ecommerce store sales
  • Daily/weekly/monthly sales reports in Messenger or Telegram bot
  • Ability to add several owners/admins of Internet shop to share its statistics
  • Stats about new vs returned customers, total order numbers per defined period of time, gross total and so on
  • Instant detailed orders notifications
  • Flexible chatbot settings menu
  • Secure data encryption and connection
  • No affection any of your store files and functionality
  • Easiest intuitive installation by one click, instructions included
Bring a friend and get +2 month free!

1. Start chat with bot and receive API key:

2. Download Statiny connection addon and install by one-click from your CS-Cart admin area.

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