This week’s mobile application news

It is the end of May, and the summer is knocking heavily on the door. It’s completely normal to be busy, so we have created this article to update you about your favorite applications!

Here are the apps that have caught our eyes this week:

Pokemon with a new game!

Pokemon with a new game

Recently, the Pokemon company released an entirely new game called Magikarp Jump. Just as the name suggest, you are a Pokemon trainer who has to train his Magikarp to jump.

The idea of the game is to teach it to become a better jumper in order to compete against others. The game features the classic Pokemon soundtracks, and people consider it as a new version of the popular Tamagotchi.

It is available for both Android and iOS, so diehard fans, head to the store to download it!

Snapchat reveals “Custom Stories.

Snapchat reveals Custom Stories

It was about time for Snapchat to announce a new feature, as Facebook’s owned companies are currently killing the photo-sharing application.

This week, Snap Inc. introduced the group Stories features. They can be created in two ways – by specific users or location. Interestingly enough, the location Stories can include both your friends and their friends.

Travel Mode” revealed by 1Password

“Travel Mode” revealed by 1Password

The newest feature of 1Password is for greater security to protect you from password searches during traveling. The travel mode allows you to decide, which passwords you wish to secure by marking them “safe for travel”. By turning Travel Mode on, all passwords are removed except those marked safe.

Learn everything about cars

Learn everything about cars

Blippar is a unique application, which allows you to visually search information about a car you see in the real world. According to the company, the application can identify any car built after the year 2000.

Moreover, it can even search cars from photos in magazines and it gives you information such as the model and the year. The app offers an augmented reality experience by showing you the price of the car, a 360-degree view inside and outside, customer’s ratings and more.

Pay with Telegram

Pay with Telegram

From now on, you can video chat with a friend on Telegram, and you can even make payments.

Hope this article helps you in finding more information about these applications.

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