The best secure messaging apps that protect you from hackers

The best secure messaging apps that protect you from hackers

The best secure messaging apps that protect you from hackers

Millions of people are using WhatsApp,Hike and other messaging apps to connect with their loved once,but they don’t know that hackers can read and share your information with anyone.Yes,this is true those apps which you use can be hacked by smart hackers which are exists around you.

Now the question is how you can secure your conversation and chats?Here is a list of all secure messaging apps from which you can chat without any fear of being hacked.But still we do not guarantee that your conversation will never read by anyone because first you have to secure you phone from theft.

List of secure messaging apps

In this post we’re enlisted some best of the best secure messaging apps with you,for you and for your safety.Before using these secure massaging apps you should avoid installation of those apps which are coming from unknown source or not trusted.Apps which are downloaded and installed from unknown sources or not trusted can harm your privacy and security.

So the list is here:

1.Telegram  ( Android, iOS, Windows Phone) Free

Telegram is one of the best secure messaging app,your conversation always be hidden from hackers.Telegram providing a new feature which name is secret chat.In secret chat you can chat with friends and no one can hack your chat because secret chat is not based on cloud server all the messages which are sent and received are exists only in your phone memory not on cloud server.Another great feature of telegram secret chat is,it has a self destruct mode which can delete your all messages after the timing you set in self destruct mode.

I love this app because I’m using this app that is why telegram is on the first in the list. Telegram’s, Pavel Durov offer to give $200,000 if a hacker can break Telegram’ encrypted protocol.


2.Text Secure  (Android) Free

With text secure you can chat on wifi/GPRS/2g/3g/4g networks and also send direct text sms from this app.Your conversation will be secure forever even when your phone being stolen.All the conversation are encrypted locally so no one can read your messages without your permission.

Text Secure

3.Wickr  (Android, iOS) Free

Wickr is same as telegram,you can send,receive messages,songs,videos,photos.Wickr is top secure app which secure your conversation from hackers.You can set date or time to delete all or a single conversation just like telegram’s self destruct mode,This feature helps when if you want to delete all the messages on a specific day then this feature delete all the messages automatic.


4.Threema  (Android, iOS) PAID

Threema app is very famous because of its security.Threema allow you to secure chat with your friends,relatives.No one can read messages and hacked from outside source.Messages can only read from senders and receivers cell phones because of end-to-end encryption.Threema has a another great feature which can help you to get know which is your friends real Id with this great feature you can scan your friends Id this result you can know the difference between a real Id and a fake Id.


5.Snap chat (Android, iOS) Free

Snap chat is on the last because I never try snap chat so personally I can’t say too much about snap chat but developers of snap chat says that snap chat is far better then others apps,you can send photos,videos and after viewing by your friends all the snaps will be disappears if they do not capture a screens shot.I’m not 100% sure that snap chat can secure your privacy.

Snap Chat

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