Terminology goes to Telegram!

Terminology goes to Telegram!



elegram Messenger (https://telegram.org/faq_channels) is a cloud-based instant messaging service and I recently learned about two channels that will probably interest you.

The first one is the channel of IULATerm of the Institut Universitari de Lingüística Aplicada (IULA) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). The first telegram was sent on September 15 and, since then, telegrams have included profiles and quotes from distinguished terminologists and other terminology-related news.

You can connect with them here: https://telegram.me/IulaOnline. Their Twitter account is @iulaonline_UPF.

The second channel is a non-profit, freelance Research Gate project (Terminology Science Promotion). It is called teleTermino and it was created by terminologist Besharat Fathi on August 5th. (You can read her bio below.) Besharat is originally from Iran and she realized that linguists from her country had difficulties connecting to social media, so she came up with the idea of this channel as a way to give them easy access to information on terminology.

She wrote it in English to make it available to other audiences and was happy to see that, indeed, other people were interested. Thirty-two percent of her followers are non-Iranians and 68% Iranians (including linguists, researchers, postgraduate students, and some specialists).

Her channel offers semi-experts and interested individuals easy exercises supported by basic notions in terminology. Followers can send their responses to the exercises by email (tele.termino@gmail.com) and receive feedback.

Here is a short bio about Besharat:

PhD candidate (2012-2017), teaching assistant and research fellow at IULA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Scientific member of the Terminology Committee at the Academy of Persian Language and Literature. Member of IULATERM’s research group. Academic tutor of Online Master Program in Terminology (IULAOnline) for the English edition. MA in theoretical and applied linguistics. MA in Terminology (Online), Universitat Pompeu Fabra. International award winner for outstanding achievement in theoretical/fundamental research in the field of Terminology (2014).

You can connect with teleTermino here: https://telegram.me/teleTermino

You can also follow her in Twitter: @BesharatFathi (her Twitter name is Terminosophy).

I would like to thank Besharat for having shared the information about her channel. And of course, also big kudos to IULA for keeping us updated on the continuous work they do to promote Terminology. It is always exciting to see Terminology being disseminated through new means of communication.

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