Telegram v4.4 adds live locations, a new media player, and more

There are two things we’ve come to expect in each Telegram update. First, the developers will add some useful features that improve your chat experience. Second, there will be a cool cartoon illustration of the update with a hipster monopoly man. The latter is obviously present (you’ll have to forgive the iPhone), but what about the features? You can share live locations, listen to tunes more easily, and more. That sounds pretty useful.

Here’s the changelog for Telegram v4.4.

  • Share your location with friends in real time with the new Live Locations.
  • Control whether new members in supergroups can see earlier message history.
  • Easily recognize messages from group admins by the new ‘admin’ badge.
  • Listen to audio files with more comfort using the redesigned player.
  • Added French, Malay, Indonesian, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.
  • Suggest alternative translations using our new localization platform –

The live location feature is a little like Google’s recently updated location sharing in Maps. You can tell Telegram to share your location in a chat for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. After time’s up, your location will no longer be visible to your friends. That’s handy if you’re going to meet up with people and you don’t want a lot of back and forth about where everyone is.

The media player integrated with Telegram chats has been improved, too. Audio files you share in chats should play more reliably, and there’s a demo Telegram channel where you can try it out. There are some tweaks to group chats that make admin messages easier to spot, and there are several new app translations available. The new version of Telegram is rolling out in the Play Store, but we’ve got it on APK Mirror, too.


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