Telegram Updated To v3.6 With Message Editing, Admin Signatures, And More

Telegram recently announced it had more than 100 million monthly active users, and coinciding with the announcement is a new version of the app that might push that number even higher. Telegram v3.6 brings a few improvements to messages, admin signatures, and stickers.

Here’s the v3.6 changelog for Android.

  • Edit messages in channels and supergroups.
  • Share links for posts in channels (in the Quick Share menu).
  • Option to add admin signatures to messages in channels.
  • Silent messages in channels that will not notify members.
  • Quick Share button for bots (works for messages with links, photos or videos).
  • Tap and hold to view stickers in full size without sending. Now works everywhere, including emoji suggestions and the ‘Add stickers’ screen.

Messages in the new Telegram will have direct links, allowing for easier sharing. The messages can also be silent, so they won’t ping all the members of a group. Admins of channels can also have custom signatures in their channels. Whatever kind of message you’re sending, you can now edit them if you make a typo. Oh, and stickers. What’s a chat app without stickers? In this case, stickers can be previewed at full size after the new update. This works everywhere including the suggestion pane and the “add stickers” screen.


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