Telegram Updated To v3.5 With Improved Secret Chats, New Photo Editor, And More

So you don’t like WhatsApp? No problemo, there’s always Telegram. This encrypted messaging app has been getting a lot of attention ever since Facebook started exerting control over WhatsApp, and with good reason—Telegram is pretty neat. The v3.5 update is rolling out today with improvements to secret chats, voice messaging, a new photo editor, and a ton of other stuff.

Here’s the changelog for v3.5, which is really just the tip of the iceberg.

  • New Voice Messages. Waveform visualizations, brand new player. Experimental: raise to speak / raise to listen.
  • New Secret Chats. Support for all the stuff you love in cloud chats: GIFs, replies, captions, sticker set previews, and inline bots. Added improved key visualization and optional link previews.
  • New privacy settings. Control who can add you to groups and channels with granular precision.
  • New photo editor. Added rotate, fade, tint and curves tools.
  • And More

Secret chats are Telegram’s way of letting you share sensitive information. They are completely encrypted and have self-destruct timers. This this update, they behave more like normal chats including GIFs, bots, and link previews. Voice messages are much slicker too with a revamped player and an optional mode that activates this feature automatically when you raise the phone to your ear. The photo editor changes are exclusive to Android in this update and include rotate, fade, tint, and curves tools.

The previously announced supergroups are getting a useful tweak in this version as well. Group creators can now control who gets to add new users to the group. You also have more refined privacy options when adding people to chats. For example, you can easily add all your contacts simultaneously except the ones you specify. Telegram is still completely free and not owned by Facebook.


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