Telegram update adds deleting recently sent messages, network data usage, and Gboard integration

A new year means a new Telegram update. Version 3.16 adds in deleting recently sent messaging for everyone, network usage information, short links, and a host of small, but significant, improvements to the Android app.

The big addition is the ability to delete recently sent messages, stopping everyone from seeing them. Telegram’s blog entry on v3.16 says this is available up to 48 hours after the message has been sent, so any drunk tweets can be got rid of once you’ve sobered up a bit. It’s not clear, however, if this still works if the recipient(s) has seen the messages.

Network usage information has also been added, so users can see the amounts of mobile data or WiFi that the app has consumed. links, meanwhile, are short versions of the links added in 2014, and can be used for users, groups, or sticker packs.

Finally, many little improvements have been worked into the app, which should enhance the experience for everyone. This includes multiple messages from one sender being grouped together, recently downloaded file list when sharing a file, Gboard integrations for directly sending GIFs, and an app shortcut for Android 7.1.

  • Delete recently sent messages for everyone.
  • Network Usage in ‘Data and Storage’ Settings.
  • App remembers scroll position when switching to another chat and back.
  • Messages from one sender are grouped together.
  • Added a floating date to the top of the screen when scrolling.
  • Recently downloaded files are shown when sharing a file.
  • Report spam from Secret chats.
  • Send GIFs directly from Gboard.
  • Android 7.1: Added fast action menu to home screen.

Telegram 3.16 is available on Google Play now, or we have at it over on APK Mirror if that’s more your style.


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