Telegram streamlines GIFs and Bots in latest update


Telegram has updated their app with a handful of useful new features, both of which should be very appealing if you like GIFs or the app’s signature Bots.

GIF support is getting dramatically improved, partly because Telegram is re-encoding GIFs as mpeg4 videos instead. That’s a really technical loophole that means they’re actually movies now, but in actual usage you shouldn’t see anything change. Thanks to that change, though, you should be able to send GIFs about 20x faster and they’ll take up 95% less space, which are both massive improvements.

There’s also a new GIF tab in chats, which you can save your favorite GIFs to for quick access, and all GIFs will now play automatically in your chats.

The other big new feature changes Telegram’s Bots and brings them into all of your chats, instead of just dedicated Bot chats. This means you can use Telegram’s many Bots in any of your chats or channels, regardless of if the Bot is a member of that group. Since Telegram boasts how open Bots are, we’ll probably see some more Bots introduced now that they’re more tightly integrated into chats on Telegram.

Hit the link below to grab the update and use the new features.

Play Store Download Link

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