Telegram Messenger for Blackberry Mobile Phones

There was a time when Blackberry mobiles used to be the most popular smartphone. Top corporates used to carry Blackberry devices with them and cool. Soon after the word spread and lot of people started using these phones. One of the main reason of popularity of Blackberry mobiles was its native messenger app (famously known as blackberry messenger). If you are having a blackberry mobile, then I need not to tell you about importance of instant messaging. However thing have changed. Blackberry messenger is not the only IM app available, infact it is one of the least popular apps now. The main apps which have captured the instant messaging space are Whatsapp, WeChat etc.. And the new app called “Telegram messenger“.

  • Telegram is an open source. They have released API support which means that developers can go ahead and make apps for any device.
  • Telegram is faster and more secure – It is blazing fast and messages are delivered as soon as you click the send button
  • Option for secret chat – You can do a secret chat with people who are online. You can set a time limit after which the messages will automatically get deleted. Learn more about doing secret chat on Telegram messenger.
  • Send big files – You can send just any file be it a pictures or a videos or a document or a zip file. You can send just any file of any size. Learn more about sharing files in Telegram app.
  • Group chat with more than 200 people – Group chat was the reason Whatsapp became so popular. However you will be amazed to know that Telegram offers a better experience if we talk about Group Chat. Here’s a one to one comparison between Telegram and Whatsapp (you will be surprised to know the differences).

So does Telegram really have app for Blackberry ?

A lot of people have emailed to us, asking how can they download and use “Telegram for Blackberry mobiles“. No, telegram does not have any official application for blackberry devices. However that said, since Telegram app is open source developers can go ahead and build clients for different platforms including Blackberry. We will keep you updated as and when a compatible app for Blackberry devices comes up.

Telegram Web Messenger named Webogram

Unoffocial Telegram Blackberry App (Bar File)

I have been closely following the Crackberry forums (where all the blackberry boys hangout and discuss). There have been many threads and discussion, however most of them are focused on cribbing about BBM messenger (like what BBM should have done which Telegram is doing – in terms of providing features and gaining popularity). I don’t know why but some people in this forum are too reluctant to try anything new. Some just want to stick to Blackberry messenger while a few others want to try Telegram app.

Crackberry Forums for Telegram Blackberry Application

Cutting the story short, one guy has provided a possible solution to make the Telegram app work on blackberry mobiles. What he has done is provided a link to APK to BAR file. So he has gone converted the Telegram APK file to BAR file using a software. So, yes you can download this BAR file and use Telegram on blackberry phones. Below are the links for the same.

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