Telegram Bots

Sometimes I hate the information revolution. Computers are usual for each family now, even 3-years-old have iPhones and iPads, and the Internet has filled the air. And, yes, everyone is a developer now, aren’t they?

Damn, they are. And what I hate the most about that is the fact that AppStore (and Play Market, Chrome or Safari Extensions Stores, you name it!) is a rubbish dump. And it becomes larger every day…

I wish there were just 2 or 3 nice apps for everyday usage – instead of, like, 20 apps, browser extensions and websites. I need to get new information, read and keep it, and write my own ideas. So, there should be just three applications: Pocket (even though I’m not 100% satisfied with their service, Pocket is number one); Evernote (who cause very ambivalent feelings in me); and a social app – blogging platform, forums, social network, or a messenger.

Imagine how you would live without all the apps for quickly exchanging messages. You would do what? Creating the goddamn messenging app, because it gives us the most natural communitation through the web. It is right here, right now, quick and simple.

But, sadly, lots of applications are neither quick nor simple at all. They are bloated with unnecessary, unwanted functions that do no good – and this is where I must mention Work Chat in Evernote or Skype Home Screen. I don’t need to start a Work Chat or watch the friend feeds. And I’m not talking about the lack of interest in these products, no!

Ah, come on, who would ever use this on their free will? I have no idea and, honestly, I’d rather not know these people.

But I know – and, I bet, you know – where are everybody. Slack, Telegram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, iMessage, etc, etc… damn, there are hundreds of similar services in each Category in AppStore. But none of these services is good enough.

(Except for, maybe, Slack. And Telegram.)

And, by the way, here is my telegram. Feel free to ask questions or simply send something awesome. :3

Telegram’s Killer Feature

Secure chats, channels, stickers are awesome. And Telegram bots are awesome as well – you just need someone to show you that awesomeness. I am amazed how easier life may become after adding these bots to your Telegram:

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