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Thank you Daniel for your answer!

I exlplain you what I’m trying to do now. I discovered that every gym has its own web page. So, I could do a list of the web pages of all the gyms in my town in google sheets and use the formulas in the image below:

My bot could be structured as follows:


2) get a row -> go to google sheets, row 2

3) update a row -> update A2, inserting “ON”

4) automatically the formulas in column D start their job

4) list row + message -> text all the datas in column D

5) update a row -> update A2, inserting “OFF”.

I think this could bypass my problem, but now I have an issue with google sheets: when I use one of the formulas to import datas, I only obtain partial datas.

Anyway, thank you for your answer!

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