Telegram Bot Lara Offers Transparent Bitcoin Investment Options

Telegram-based Bitcoin investment bot Lara recently released an ideology paper explaining how they mean to place communication and transparency at the centerstage of their services.

The announcement come in the wake of growing uncertainty in online investment sector. It has been proven that many companies that lure people into investing funds for mouth-watering profits are fake. Almost all of them — intentionally — cut investors from their investments. To top all, they bar transparency, and leave no scope for better communications given their malicious intentions.

Lara — pen name Lara With Me — meanwhile is a system that is less a scheme. It means to be an instrument that propagates financial independence among the new generation — with people that are willing to take matters into their own hands, and start creating money for themselves.

It all starts with an investment — anything from $10 to $20,000 upfront — which Lara carefully invests into startups that promises high yielding investment opportunities. The system relies on its rigorous testing standards for these startups, ensuring that the investors’ funds are reinvested at minimal market risks.

The apt investment management done at Lara’s end ensures investors with attractive daily returns. The platform promises up to 3% daily returns on the made profits, something which instantly hits the right node. On the top of it, Lara relies on quick payment and withdrawal methods such as Bitcoin to ensure highest liquidity.

User Feedback a Priority 

Having said that Lara is meaning to place communication and transparency at the centerstage of its services, the system does so by enabling direct chat and community forum features on its Telegram bot. As known to everybody, Telegram is a reliable — and highly encrypted — cross platform messenger that allows people to interact, as well as exchange media.

“Using state of the art technology in finance,” Lara said, “top tier security, and data protection, we have created an investing platform that will pave the way to a better future with innovation, combining the experience of how things have been done with new technology allowing more people than ever before to build wealth.”

The ability to interact freely with fellow community members, as well as Lara, is one of the most important instruments in this Bitcoin investment system. It lets people express their opinion freely, which further builds confidence and trust. And the service comes in seven languages, including English and Russian.

It is one of the reasons why Lara community is growing rapidly, with total number of participants now crossing the 12,000 mark. A similar interest can also be seen on Lara’s public profiles on Facebook and Twitter, where new and old investors flocks together to discuss investment and queries with Lara, and each other.

“There is nothing more important than the safety of a person’s data, his ability to interact with others, and his financial security. We work with the most secure technologies of cryptography, our community is hosted on and based off of the world’s safest application. We aim to provide a clear and powerful method to generate stable income, and want to assure you of our full security and support.”

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