Telegram Android Update Adds New Invite System

The new Telegram Android update was just released to Google Play Store. If you have an Android device, you might be seeing the update rolling out within the next couple days. In this new Telegram Android update, we see a couple of new features and changes that you will surely enjoy.

If you have used Telegram in the past, then you know that with every update there is something new and exciting. We have all of the latest news about the latest Telegram Android update so read on to learn more.

Telegram Android Update Adds Group Mentions & New Reply System

There are quite a few new things in the Telegram Android update. The new Telegram Android update brings the version up to 4.3. In version 4.3, there are new changes that are surely to make you happy if you use this messaging app. One of the first changes you will notice is that the user interface has been updated.

The user interface for inviting friends is where the new overhaul happened. This will make it much easier for you to invite your friends to Telegram. The interface has been streamlined, which means that you will essentially have a mutual friends feature. The person who has been invited to join Telegram will see all of their friends that are already on Telegram.

Beyond the new invite overhaul, there is a new replies in groups and mentions ability. You will notice that in the Telegram Android update, there is an “@” section from within the chatroom. This will alert you to when you have a new reply or mention.

Once you have read the mentions or replies, the @ icon will dissapear so that you will not get confused. This definitely makes things much easier since you can have 10,000 members for replies and the same amount for mentions. It can be very easy to simply lose track of those that have mentioned you or replied to you, but the new feature means that is unlikely to happen anymore.

More Telegram Android Update Changes & Features

Beyond that, there are some changes coming with the stickers feature. You will be able to set a sticker as the group sticker. This will be what everyone sees when they are in the group chatroom. You will also set favorites for the individual user part.

You need to have more than five sticker packs installed in order to set your favorites. There is now a star menu, which is new, and this is where the favorite stickers will go. The sticker panel has been completely redesigned, so people will notice that right away in the Telegram Android update.

Also, we have to mention that if you are using the in-app video player, you now have Twitch support. The Twitch videos will now be playable in the in-app video player, which also includes Picture-in-Picture support. There is also the ability to forward messages to more than one person in the Telegram Android update.

Even More Telegram Android Update Changes

You also will notice that if you are on a voice call, there is a signal strength indicator icon at the top in the user interface. This is great news as well, since it can sometimes be difficult to know if you are in a good location or not for a voice call. You also will be able to see the shared media section of a chat much quicker. You have the option to jump right to all types of shared media from within the chat.

If all of this sounds like a good time to you, you can head over to Google Play Store and download the Telegram Android update. You will notice the version is rolling out now to supported Android devices. If you do not see the update yet, do not worry because it can take a couple of days to reach your Android device. You also can choose to download the APK if you would rather get the Telegram Android update that way.

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