Telegram 4.1 increases the supergroup member limit, adds new admin tools and Android Pay support for bot payments [APK Download]

Telegram continues to be an awesome messaging platform. It’s what I prefer to use to communicate, especially since the Android and desktop apps (even Linux) are spectacular. In a continuing roll of new features, Telegram 4.1 (or 1.1.9 on the desktop) is increasing the number of people allowed in a Supergroup, as well as adding new admin tools and Android Pay support for bot payments.


Supergroups are pretty self-explanatory. The big announcement here is that Telegram will now allow 10,000 members in each one. To compensate for this insane number of people, some new moderation tools are getting added. Admins will be able to assign new administrators and select which privileges those people will have, like who can add or block members and edit group info. In order to combat poor behavior, admins can now partially ban problematic members. This means that the person in question is not removed from the group, but his/her rights are restricted (such as making them a read-only or preventing them from sending media).

Finally, Telegram is adding a Recent Actions section to make communication and coordination between admins easier. This new area will store a log of everything that the administrators have done in the last 48 hours. Obviously, this is a very privileged section.


Moving on from the supergroups, Telegram has also added Android Pay support for bot payments, which is cool if you use those (I still need to play with them). Also, Android users can look forward to better media selection. Photos and videos will be shown together when you’re getting ready to share from the attachment menu.

In the interest of free and secure speech, Telegram has also added new proxy settings to the “Data and Storage” section in the app settings. If you haven’t checked out this messaging service yet, I recommend that you do so. You can grab the Android app from the widget below (or from APK Mirror) and the desktop client from the company’s website.


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