Telegram 4.0 Update Brings Chatbot Payments, Video Messages and More

Telegram was one of the first IM apps to offer end-to-end encryption for messages. Keeping this in mind, it’s considered to be one of the most secure apps around. This popular messaging app is getting a major overhaul with the new 4.0 update, which brings forth features like chatbot payments, Instant View for quick loading of web pages, and short video messages + Telescopes.

Starting with chatbot payments, this will basically enable users to purchase items and pay for them directly within Telegram without having to leave the app. The company is tying up with payment services like FlutterWave, RazorPay, PaymentWall, Yandex.Money, and Qiwi to give the service a boost in regions of Africa, India, Russia and other parts of the world.

While a handful of apps already use chatbots to interact with the customers, Telegram’s implementation could be the way to go. It’s no secret that companies want to use chatbots to bring in money, mainly through e-commerce. Facebook introduced the same feature back in September with around 30,000 chatbots. “Imagine a world where you can order pizza, pay for a pair of shoes, hire a cab, or refill your subway pass — all in a few button taps on Telegram,” the company said in its blog.

As for Instant View, the feature will allow users to open condensed versions of URLs for quick reading. Telegram is holding a contest for developers and designers to come up with unique designs for Instant View with the ability to earn $100 for every template created, plus a grand prize of $10,000 and $5,000 for the runner up. Website owners can create their own templates as well, but Telegram is urging users to take the initiative and come up with interesting designs.

Lastly, the company is offering short video messages that can be sent in private messages, groups, or even on broadcasts. This can be likened to short voice clips that users can send right now. Users will be able to share these videos around using customized links known as “Telescopes”. This will allow your Telegram videos to be shared beyond the app and onto other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The Telegram 4.0 update is live right now, although it might take some time to reach all parts of the world.

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