Telegram 3.8 Introduces Redesigned Chat Screens And Bot API 2.0

Telegram has just received a huge update to version 3.8 with plenty of goodies for all its loyal users to enjoy. There’s a pretty important new version of the Bots API, but before we get to that, the app also got redesigned chat screens and a couple of small functional changes too.

I don’t use Telegram enough to be able to tell the difference between these new chat screens (in the image above this post) and the old ones, but the most apparent change to me is that the bubble’s anchor is at the bottom now as opposed to slightly higher. The changelog also mentions new progress bars, improved colors, and redesigned attachments. One addition is the ability to view the sticker packs of any sticker you receive and immediately add them to your collection, that way you don’t have to go hunting for them when a friend shares a cool new one with you.

As for the Bot API 2.0, it’s full of new features and possibilities for developers. Bots can have inline keyboards to interact with them before you decide to send your message (like the new @music), they can send all kinds of attachments (like @sticker which finds stickers based on emojis), they can ask for location permissions (like @foursquare), and they can manage callback and URLs and allow for on-the-fly editing. There are more details over at the Bot API 2.0 page.

Here is the Android app’s changelog followed by a link to grab Telegram from the Play Store.

v. 3.8.0 – Fully redesigned chat screens, optimized colors, beautiful progress bars, revamped attachments. – Tap on any sticker to view its pack and add it to your collection. Preview and send stickers from the pack preview menu. – Introducing Bot API 2.0, the biggest update to our bot platform since June 2015. Try out these sample bots to see what’s coming your way soon: @music, @sticker, @youtube, @foursquare


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