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  • 1 TAS Townet Alerting System
  • 2 Telegram
  • 3 Message Gateway
  • 4 BOT Telegram

TAS Townet Alerting System

TAS is a message gateay developed by Townet to send alerting messages with a Telegram BOT.

Telegram BOT

To send a message a distribution list may exist on the gateway server. Any user can request to be associated to any known list.

Please write to support@townet to request the creation of your list.



Message Gateway

This is the system aimed to receive messages and delivery to the list of partecipiants. The approach to the gateway is very simple with a API REST. The API is very simple and require a short number of parameters with POST o GET method.

Example: https://iot.mywaver.it/townetalert/message/?message=HelloWorld&list=testtownet

BOT Telegram

The BOT reply to a serie of command to join, leave different lists. The user will be able to join a list, stop, restart etc… This BOT is unidirections so you are able just to receive messages from the gateway and not to interact with your device. To use the bot just search “townetalert_bot” into Telegram with the appropriate icon. select the bot and press start to enable the bot the first time. At the startup the user will be invited to write a real e-mail address. A confirmation e-mail will be send by the system with a confirmation code.

Telegram BOT
Telegram BOT
Telegram BOT

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