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Frequently Asked Questions

Existing Members

T&G Insider rewards is a subscriber membership program to the Telegram & Gazette and gives access to discounts, events, contests and the latest information and insights on news stories developed for our subscribers. Membership begins by subscribing and activating the subscriber’s digital access. Click here, to activate your digital access and gain access to TG Insider Rewards.

As a subscriber, simply go to, or click here to activate your digital access and gain access to T&G Insider Rewards.

You can access T&G Insider Rewards from, or by going to

T&G Insider Rewards Membership

As a subscriber, simply, or click here to activate your digital access and gain access to T&G Insider Rewards.

Membership is automatically available to all telegram subscribers and subscribers who have activated their digital access. You cannot purchase a membership to Insider exclusively. Membership is available only to the named subscriber in the household. To subscribe to, click here.

Offers and Events

Yes, you need to log in to see full details of each offer. To start enjoying the benefits you receive as an TG Insider Rewards member, simply visit: or  click here and enter the email and password you provided while activating your account.

Each offer is different and may carry its own Terms and Conditions. For more information, visit  program’s T&G Insider Rewards offers Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice.

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