Perks of Using Telegram Messenger

Turning on wi-fi, checking text messages, then Facebook messages, snaps, Instagram & stories, Google Mails, shazaming new song from the online radio of your neighbor… Maybe even swiping someone right? Then checking your college group projects in GroupMe, maybe sending some pictures in WhatsApp to your friends from overseas… Sounds familiar, ha? Typical life of majority of the millennials.

However, if you aim to make your life online more productive, you might want to be more keen on different apps making networking more interesting. We have mentioned several resources in the previous blogposts, but this one want to focus on our favorite one – Telegram Messenger app.

Telegram can be described as “one_more_messaging_app”, which may be substituted by other different platforms. However, it is so much more than it! Created about 3 years ago by Russian Pavel Durov, founder of the biggest social network for Russian speaking world,, his brother Nikolai and business partner Axel Neff, the messenger appeared as most open and most secured app. One of the most important features of this app is fighting for privacy of users, supplying them with most relevant and up-to-date information.

The feature of an “open” app is realized by several aspects:

  1. The app is free of charge and, probably, will always be free.
  2. It works based on cloud technologies.
  3. You can install it on any gadget – mobile, laptop app or just use it with your Web browser. However, you will need to link your account to one mobile phone.
  4. The code of Telegram is available for everyone interested, meaning that developers officially put it into the open source – the official website. Same about APIs for developers.
  5. You can add the stickers yourself, generating the full spectrum of emotions of yourself or your friend, adding the personalization aspect to its fullest.
  6. There are bots, helping you plan and optimize your time and your life.
  7. Finally, our favorite feature – Telegram channels. The core idea of it is to provide people who are interested in specific topic with some updates about it. Every piece of information can be evaluated by the audience with chosen emojis, giving authors a chance to track their work. Therefore, Telegram channels could be interpreted as some optimized platforms for blogging, gathering special communities, getting your own newsfeed or just another advertising/marketing platform.

Finally, we feel like all of us belong to one specific group of interest, related to IT, coding, start-ups, freelance and other similar topics. That is why we could not avoid this great platform to get knowledge and network all together. We have been using it for quite some time to be able to provide you with our chosen channels and bots:

  1. First of all, here is a link to the full list of all Telegram channels. We are pretty sure you will find something interesting about everything over here:
  2. – quite full and diverse newsfeed about Web Development in English;
  3. – great jokes make your life longer! Join this channel to check it out;
  4. – another useful channel with updates from the world of developers;
  5. – great channel aiming to make the life easier for everyone who deals with gadgets;
  6. – big channel about the news from the technologies world;
  7. – you may feel comfortable in this channel ;);
  8. – should complete your information hunger to the top;

Another great point is that you can establish your own Telegram channel. If you have done so or know about another channel worth mentioning in this article – please let us know! More about features of Telegram, audience and methods of work can be found here:

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