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ACT® Test Prep TestBank 36! Perfect-Score English, Math & Reading Questions.

TestBank (10,808 total questions) is FREE to download. BONUS: The FULL versions of ACCUPLACER & SAT TestBank are also included with every subscription. What’s on the ACT – The #1 ACT Testing System Allen ACT TestBank authors attained PERFECT scores on the ACT. Say goodbye to boring classes, flashcards & huge books. Let us help you crush the ACT! “Some of the TestBank questions were very similar (if not exactly) to the actual test questions – excellent preparation for the exam.” Steve Zoldos Largo, Florida • PERFECT-Score ACT questions with complete rationale. • Thousands of questions for other exams. • The most efficient testing platform. ACT TestBank tracks your individual performance across all ACT subjects. Rated BEST testing engine – Try to crash the app. You can’t! >> Featured “What’s HOT by Apple.” < •=”” new=”” -=”” see=”” your=”” personal=”” act=”” ranking=”” vs.=”” other=”” students.=”” •=”” complete=”” rationale=”” for=”” every=”” question.=”” you=”” will=”” understand=”” “why”=”” an=”” answer=”” is=”” correct.=”” “36”=”” is=”” a=”” perfect=”” act=”” score!=”” johns=”” hopkins=”” provides=”” full=”” funding=”” so=”” that=”” every=”” student=”” at=”” dunbar=”” high=”” school=”” (baltimore,=”” maryland)=”” receives=”” our=”” act=”” testbank.=”” we=”” know=”” the=”” act!=”” •=”” performance=”” statistics:=”” track=”” your=”” strengths=”” and=”” weaknesses.=”” •=”” customized=”” testing=”” options=”” (all=”” or=”” targeted=”” subjects).=”” •=”” seen=”” least=”” option:=”” avoid=”” repeating=”” questions.=”” •=”” missed=”” most=”” option:=”” review=”” questions=”” you=”” missed=”” most=”” often.=”” •=”” favorite=”” option:=”” flag=”” specific=”” questions=”” for=”” review=”” later.=”” •=”” retake=”” entire=”” test=”” or=”” only=”” missed=”” questions:=”” maximum=”” retention.=”” •=”” test-taking=”” advice,=”” tips,=”” and=”” strategies:=”” you’ll=”” be=”” prepared.=”” you=”” may=”” upgrade=”” to=”” unlimited=”” use=”” via=”” three=”” options:=”” •=”” $2.99/week:=”” unlocks=”” total=”” access=”” to=”” act=”” testbank=”” •=”” $9.99/month:=”” unlocks=”” total=”” access=”” to=”” act=”” testbank=”” •=”” $79.99/year:=”” unlocks=”” total=”” access=”” to=”” act=”” testbank=”” adaptive=”” learning=”” technology:=”” act=”” testbank=”” 36=”” is=”” continually=”” re-calibrated=”” every=”” time=”” you=”” answer=”” a=”” question,=”” based=”” on=”” your=”” performance.=”” •=”” act=”” questions=”” by=”” perfect-score=”” authors=”” 100%=”” multiple=”” choice=”” questions=”” along=”” with=”” guideline=”” answers=”” focusing=”” on=”” every=”” subject=”” area.=”” •=”” rationale=”” given=”” for=”” every=”” question=”” explanations=”” and=”” rationale=”” provided=”” for=”” every=”” single=”” question.=”” •=”” you=”” choose=”” which=”” subjects=”” to=”” study=”” you=”” can=”” decide=”” to=”” take=”” a=”” specific=”” number=”” of=”” questions=”” randomly=”” selected=”” from=”” all=”” of=”” the=”” subject=”” areas,=”” any=”” combination=”” of=”” the=”” subjects,=”” or=”” an=”” individual=”” subject.=”” •=”” the=”” order=”” of=”” the=”” questions=”” is=”” always=”” scrambled.=”” become=”” a=”” better=”” test=”” taker,=”” creating=”” confidence=”” in=”” the=”” materials=”” learned.=”” •=”” the=”” order=”” of=”” the=”” answers=”” is=”” always=”” scrambled.=”” forces=”” you=”” to=”” read/understand=”” each=”” answer=”” choice=”” instead=”” of=”” remembering=”” which=”” answer=”” is=”” correct=”” based=”” on=”” its=”” order.=”” •=”” your=”” performance=”” is=”” tracked.=”” your=”” performance=”” is=”” displayed=”” when=”” you=”” open=”” the=”” app,=”” allowing=”” you=”” to=”” track=”” your=”” progress=”” and=”” target=”” your=”” studies.=”” •=”” questions=”” seen=”” least=”” act=”” testbank=”” 36=”” knows=”” which=”” questions=”” you=”” have=”” seen/answered=”” the=”” least=”” often.=”” •=”” questions=”” missed=”” most=”” testbank=”” tracks=”” when=”” you=”” get=”” a=”” question=”” incorrect.=”” after=”” using=”” testbank=”” for=”” a=”” while,=”” you=”” will=”” want=”” to=”” take=”” questions=”” that=”” you=”” missed=”” most=”” often.=”” _______=”” contact=”” us=”” anytime:=”” email:=”””” web:=”””” allen=”” resources,=”” inc.=”” |=”” since=”” 1993=”” accuplacer,=”” sat,=”” ielts=”” &=”” toefl=”” ibt=”” testbanks=”” are=”” also=”” included.=”” price=”” may=”” vary=”” by=”” location/country.=”” subscriptions=”” will=”” be=”” charged=”” to=”” your=”” credit=”” card=”” through=”” your=”” itunes=”” account.=”” your=”” subscription=”” will=”” automatically=”” renew=”” unless=”” cancelled=”” at=”” least=”” 24=”” hours=”” before=”” the=”” end=”” of=”” the=”” current=”” period.=”” you=”” will=”” not=”” be=”” able=”” to=”” cancel=”” the=”” subscription=”” once=”” activated.=”” manage=”” your=”” subscriptions=”” in=”” account=”” settings=”” after=”” purchase.=”” allen=”” resources,=”” inc.=”” is=”” not=”” affiliated=”” with=”” kaplan,=”” prep4act,=”” play2prep,=”” ready4,=”” actflash,=”” scholly,=”” fafsa,=”” chegg,=”” dummies,=”” mypreppal,=”” varsity=”” tutors,=”” act=”” up,=”” mastery,=”” magoosh,=”” khan=”” academy,=”” or=”” scorebeyond.=”” act=”” is=”” a=”” registered=”” trademark=”” of=”” act,=”” inc.=”” &=”” has=”” no=”” affiliation=”” with,=”” nor=”” does=”” it=”” endorse=”” act=”” online=””>

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