Lucy Darling Stickers and a Birthday.

It occurs to me as I am adding these adorable Lucy Darling Stickers to our website…

lucy darling stickers

…that today is my nephew’s 15th birthday.


As in this little chunky nugget is turning FIFTEEN today. How did it happen, you wonder?  I wonder, too, when this little lump of love went from that, to this.

It’s one of those strange wonders of life and aging when you watch someone transform right in front of your very eyes, when the shift is simultaneously so gradual and yet SOFAST that you look around and wonder now who is that man walking among boys?  Who is that guy that is suddenly taller than all of us that’s walking into my house right now because surely there’s no way that’s my nephew??  Swagger, style, kindness, gentleness, humor…it’s all there, emerging from this kid, in his eyes, his walk, his easy-going manner.  He’s a thinker, a talker, an athlete.  He likes pizza and doritos and Dr. Pepper much more than he likes french and french homework.  He’s the oldest of 4, a big brother, a big cousin.

Because he’s the first-born grandchild and the first nephew, and he has my middle name as his first, he’s perhaps just the tiniest bit loved.  Maybe you all can relate to that, to what it’s like when that first baby comes along and you are all 100% head over heals gaga crazy about him, all fighting for a chance to hold him and rock him and play with him, all angling to be the one to bathe him, change his clothes, tuck him in.  Jay and I were in Italy when he was born, and we bought him a big bottle of grappa, housed in a big, beautiful hand-blown glass container.  We schlepped it all across Europe, ensconced safely in our backpacks amongst wool socks and sweaters, sneaking it through customs on the way back into the States.  Because when you’re 22, a massive bottle of grappa seems to be a perfectly appropriate gift for your first-born nephew.

15 years ago-pre-Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.  Heck most of us were just setting up email accounts then, getting our Yahoo on, finding our way out of the DOS system.  So for that reason, I have hundreds of actual photos of my nephew-in albums(because I went through a brief phase of being organized), in frames, in boxes.  Now, of course, that’s all changed.  I may have a million photos of #3, but nary a one has been printed.  I wish that these Lucy Darling stickers had been around when mine were all little, because even though I could have made my own signs, I didn’t.  And though I could have taken my own milestone photos, I didn’t.  Things were just too blurry and sleep-deprived, and I needed the kind of accountability that would come from actually investing in something to make me do it, which is why these Lucy Darling Stickers are so genius. And cute, too.

I did, however, used to have photo shoots with my nephew when he was a baby, because I was his first nanny and we were home together all day.  What else to do, then, but change his clothes 5 times a day, prop him up in the corner of the sofa, and take his photo with my 35mm camera?  If only I’d had these milestone stickers then, goodness only knows how many albums my sister-in-law would have now…First Tooth!  First Smile!  First Wave!

I don’t have the stickers(but you can, later today when I finish loading them!), but I do have loads of photos and fond memories and stories and lot of love-and grappa, too, when he’s 21.

Have a great day, friends, and thanks for checking in!

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