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A classic summer flick if there ever was one,

Thelma & Louise harkens back to a simpler time when women could roam the wild west with nothing but a Thunderbird, an atlas and a loaded handgun. Joke! But in all seriousness, the pair of firestarters launched a thousand road trips, and their tough but feminine style is all I’m after this summer. — Amy Merrick

1. Tom Ford Sunglasses, $390; 2. Revlon “Ravish Me Red”, $2; 3. Color Process Scarf, $44; 4. 1966 Ford Thunderbird, $11,000; 5. Pointer Keds, $50; 6. Tassel Keychain, $28; 7. Pendleton Camp Blanket, $188; 8. MagLite, $26; 9. Radio iPhone Case, $11; 10. SX-70 Polaroid Camera, $99

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Nouveau Americana is where it’s at right now, and we’re pushing the boundaries of good taste even further than we can throw a Budweiser bottle. Roadstop restaurant accessories, turquoise jewelry, a fancy girl version of the Canadian tuxedo — we’ll stop at nothing to achieve western worthiness. When you’re all gussied up, grab your best gal pal and drive off into the sunset.

1. Western Union Telegram, $10; 2. Obey Tank, $71; 3. BKE Cross Necklace, $8; 4. Restaurant Caddy, $49; 5. Crosley Payphone, $89; 6. Sara Lee Cherry Pie; 7. Cobalt Band Mug, $13; 8. Guess Turquoise Ring, $28; 9. Coca Cola, $7/6; 10. Arizona Highway Patrol Badge, $14

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