Learn French Easily with Linkword Languages

Buy the Linkword Complete French Course: Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

The Complete Course: Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

package contains the Levels 1-4 PC & Mac Software courses, MP3 Audio course and App for your Android Tablet/Smartphone/Kindle Fire.

Buy Download Package $32

The package is also available on CD posted to you free of charge. The CD package includes a FREE DOWNLOAD of the courses, allowing you to start learning straight away before the CD’s arrive.

Buy CD Package $48

Special offer: All 15 full Unforgettable Linkword language course downloads for only $36 (a saving of $442)

Chinese Mandarin (Level 1), Dutch (Levels 1-2), French (Levels 1-4), German (Levels 1-4), Greek (Levels 1-2), Hebrew (Level 1), Italian (Levels 1-4), Japanese (Level 1), Polish (Level 1), Portuguese Brazilian (Levels 1-3), Portuguese European (Levels 1-3), Russian (Levels 1-2), Spanish European (Levels 1-4), Spanish Latin American (Levels 1-4), Welsh (Levels 1-2).

Please note:There is no MP3 audio course with the Polish course.This offer does not include iPhone/iPad apps as these can only be purchased directly through the iTunes store.

A selection of reviews from our iTunes customers

Brilliant Language Course by TonyF 1888 I believe this is the best language course out there. So far I have used the Spanish and French app and I look forward to trying others. It’s easy to use. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Have a go and you’ll see why.

Most effective language learning software by boomshankaman The best language learning software I’ve tried. Having spent hundreds of pounds on Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur this software is pure gold to the language student. Linkword really does work! No rote method required, no endlessly repeating verbs and nouns to find the next day you’ve forgotten them.

Excellent by Dizzy deem A fun and easy way to learn a language, this is fourth language purchased from link word. Help from developers if needed is fast and prompt. I’m able to converse and be understood. Cannot recommend enough.

Learning Portuguese by Peter Gozzie I have had difficulty reading and spelling all my life as I suffer from dyslexia, which means I find it hard to remember and retain knowledge. To my amazement it was working for me, the course builds up a word by word knowledge and sentences. I can certainly highly recommend this course to anyone I’m totally hooked.

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