Install Telegram for Linux as an application

Telegram for Linux


is a cloud-based messaging app that focus on security and speed. Its primary competitor is WhatsApp, which cares more about money than users’ privacy. Telegram is free, open source, and cares about the user.

SaperBramate tells us more about Telegram, a good read before installing it!

You can download Telegram for Linux from the official website. It will detect the operating system you use and offer you a download button that suits your needs.

How to use Telegram for Linux as an application

We will make Telegram for Linux available to our user only, to make things easier (i.e. avoid problems with permissions). I also assume that you are using GNOME or Unity, as things will change with other desktop environments.

This will open the nano editor to create a new file. The contents of the file are like the following:

Let me explain this a little bit. First of all, we’re adding a new Desktop Entry of Application type. We’re calling it Telegram (the Name property) and setting the path to the executable (Exec) and icon.

I know, but you can download it here:

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