How to Save GIF

Have you seen how easy to use GIPHY? I’m sure that thanks to this service you will always find the right GIF for every circumstance!

Make A Gif

Make A Gif is another useful service that allows you to download GIF in a few clicks. Compared to GIPHY, it provides some additional features that allow you to create GIFs by recording a video with your computer’s webcam, using your own photos, or starting with a YouTube video. Among the most appreciated features of Make A Gif is the order that reigns in every single page of the service: all GIFs are organized in precise categories that make it easier to search for content.

I was curious and now you would like to try Make A Gif? Well, then connect to the main page of the service and search for a GIF using the search bar located at the top. Alternatively, click the Browse Gif option and look for an image among the many available categories: action Gifs cartoon Gifs celebrity Gifs sports Gifs etc.

As soon as you find the image you want to download, click on it and choose the format you want to save by using one of the two buttons in the bottom right corner: MP4 to download Of the image in MP4 or GIF format to save the image in GIF format. Then click on the arrow icon pointing down and downloading the GIF will start automatically.

Also using Make a GIF was not so complicated, did not it? I’m sure using this service you will find a lot of funny GIFs. I recommend it, use it good!

Google Images

Another service I recommend you try for to save animated GIF on your computer is Google Images . The most widely used search engine on the planet offers users the ability to easily search and save animated images with a filter that, if used correctly, makes it easy to find cool GIFs.

To use Google Images, linked to the service homepage type the GIF term that you want to find in the search field located in the center of the screen and press the Enter on your PC keyboard or click on the magnifying glass icon to start the search.

On the page that opens, you will see many images that match the search you made, but none of them will be an animated GIF. To view and save animated GIFs with Google Images, you must set up a special filter. Then click on Tools (the option is located a bit below the search bar) and, in the menu that opens, set the Type image to search for Animate . This will only display GIF images.

As you can see, the images in the search results will look like common “static” images. Do not be fooled by the looks though! Just click on each single image and the animation will be displayed instantly.

As soon as you locate the GIF you like the most, select it and click on the View Image button. The image you chose will be opened to full size on a new tab of your browser. At this point, click the right mouse button on the GIF and in the menu that appears, click Save Image As to save the image to your computer .

JDownloader (Windows / Mac / Linux)

If you want to download more GIFs in series on your computer, I suggest you try JDownloader : a free download manager that, as you already know, will capture multimedia content that is embedded (or even Linked) on any Web page.

To download JDownloader, which I remember being available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, please log in to the official program and click on your operating system option. For example, if you are using a Windows PC, you need to click on Windows and then on the options Download 32 / 64Bit Webinstaller (Rar-Archive RECOMMENDED) Click to start the Download and Download with the browser to download the program through the MEGA service (which requires the Chrome browser to be used). If you need to download the program on a Mac, click on Mac and then on Download Installer for Mac OS X Version 10.7 or higher and Download with the Browser .

As soon as the download is completed, open the RAR archive that contains the JDownloader installation package (if you do not know how to open RAR files read my tutorial on this topic) , Start it and click on Next then Accept and Skip all to finish the setup without installing additional promotional content. For more information on how to install and configure in English JDownloader I invite you to read the guide I’ve prepared in that regard.

When you have finished downloading and configuring JDownloader on your computer, start the program, then open the browser and copy the address of the page that contains the GIFs of your interest. JDownloader should “capture” the link automatically and report it to you through a notification box in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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