How to Recover Deleted Messages, Photos from Telegram app android

How to Recover Deleted Messages, Photos from Telegram app android : Telegram is one of the best and simplest messaging application recently launched for only android operating system. Telegram is basically focused of speed of messaging and security , super fast and available free of cost for all the android version. Telegram uses cloud storage and other extremely good services which makes it quite different from other messaging application. Telegram focused of the fast speed and security of the messaging or chat. You can send messages, photos, videos , doc (zip, RAR). Hence all the data stores on cloud storage and hence you can get them back with ease. So we came up with this article to how to recover messages, photos in telegram app for android.disable blue ticks in whatsapp


How To recover Deleted messages, photos From telegram app for android : Step by step guide

After quick researched, we found the only 3 ways by which we can recover deleted chats in telegram application. so we are providing all of them, you can go for the easiest way which suites you.

First and easiest method is to go for telegram images folder saved in your memory card or internal memory of you smartphone. All the pictures and images are stored there which you have received by telegram application through out the period. You can see all the photos or images there after deleting these images from chat directly. so you can recover deleted images in telegram app.

Second Trick : From the cache folder

Another way to get recover delete images from telegram app is with the help of picture folder. As you know, every messaging app have this option which allows you to save all the images and photos in gallery. In telegram , when you click on any picture or images , a message is thrown on your screen by system that “Save to Gallery“. When you click on yes, then every images will be automatically saved in picture folder.These images will remain in your sd card even after deleting telegram app. so you can get back all the delete photos from there too.

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