How to manage app notifications in Android Marshmallow?

What can you do for app notifications in Android Marshmallow?

If you are not happy with the default app notification settings (for example, some spamming  notifications annoy you) , you can customize app notifications in Android Marshmallow

For app notifications in Android Marshmallow, you can:

This guide will show you how to manage and customize app notifications in Android Marshmallow in two different ways:

Both of them work in an identical way.  Android Marshmallow offers these two options just for your conveniences.

You can use application manager to manage apps installed on the phone.  In this guide, I showed you how to use application manager to manage app permissions in Android Marshmallow.

As shown below, go to Settings, tap Apps to access  application manager in your phone. In some Android phones, some vendors may call it Applications or Application manager under settings.

In Apps page, tap Google Fit as shown below.

 use Application manager to manage app notifications in Android Marshmallow
 use Application manager to manage app notifications in Android Marshmallow

Then you are directed to the app notification page for this app as shown above.

  • Block all. If this is enabled, this app will not be able to send any notifications to the notification panel. Please note, this does not affect the functionality of the app. If the app has its own notification inbox inside the app, you can still check notifications there.
  • Treat as priority. When Do not Disturb (DnD) is activated, and the phone is in Priority only mode, this app can still show notifications. In this way, you can let important apps/notifications interrupt you when Do not Disturb is active.
  • Allow peeking. Some apps may want to show certain important notifications as pop up notification or head-up notification when you are using other apps.  If the app is abusing this feature with annoying pop out notifications, you can disable this Allow peeking feature for the app. Please note, this does not control pop-ups when you are using the said app.
  • Hide sensitive content. You can hide private information in the notification from this app when phone screen is locked.  Of course, you can customize app notifications for all apps on lock screen as well (read on).

But these 4 options mentioned above should be always available regardless of any OEM customization.

Another way to manage app notifications in Android Marshmallow is through Settingsā€” Sound and notification as shown below.

In App notifications pages, the apps are listed with app notification settings status as shown below.

Tap Google Fit to get the identical app notification page as shown above.

Although it sounds one of them is redundant,  actually these two options are offered from two different perspectives: once from individual apps, the other from the overview of the app notification settings.

use notification manager to manage app notifications in Android Marshmallow
use notification manager to manage app notifications in Android Marshmallow

When the phone is locked, for security and privacy reasons, you may want to hide some sensitive info (because your phone may be in bad hands).

In Android Marshmallow, you can easily customize lock screen app notifications.

Then you can find the 3 options for lock screen app notifications in Android Marshmallow as shown above:

Please note, these 3 options are global settings. They work together with individual app notification settings.  The result is the combined (AND operator) of the two settings (individual app + global settings).

But if you set Show all notification content,  then notifications will still not be shown on locks screen if the app notification is blocked.

Sometimes, you may get some spamming notifications from some apps, especially some free games. But you are not sure about the culprit.

Then tap the ā€œiā€ button as shown below.

In this example, you will get identical Google Fit app notification page shown before.

identify which app is pushing spamming notifications

Can you manage app notifications in Android Marshmallow? Do you know how to customize app notifications in lock screen in Android Marshmallow?

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