How to enable calls on Telegram?

it Was only a matter of time Telegram to integrate calls to be able to compete with applications like WhatsApp or competition. Until now, Telegram had never done any filtering related to the calls but now it’s already been released in the beta version of the application but not all users may have. Today we show you how to activate the call Telegram.

a few weeks Ago Telegram confirmed that the calls would come to the application, and this change must be, above all, the dissatisfaction of users with WhatsApp where Telegram takes more and more force. What is certain is that Telegram works really well and is an alternative to take into account whenever we speak of flee of WhatsApp but for that we need people to go to the alternative queen.

Interfaz llamada Telegram

Telegram active calls in its beta version

Currently, it is possible to activate the calls of Telegram although to do this you need to follow a few steps in a somewhat convoluted although it is not to be so.

  • first we need to download the APK of Telegram Beta and for that we have to follow these steps:
    • Enter group @tgrambeta through Telegram.
    • Click on where it says Latest_beta_by@tgrambeta.apk and download APK of the beta version.
    • Install the APK from source or Sources unknown because it is not possible to do it another way but it is the APK of the official app and 100% safe.

once we have the beta version we need the most difficult, godfather. Like when they got the video of WhatsApp at the beginning had to turn them on by using another person we did a call and this is the most complicated.

we Need to find someone that has the calls active, and contact us through a call to be active in our terminal. This way to extend the calls for help to the adoption is not massive and not cluttering the servers.

Quien puede llamar Telegram

How are the calls of Telegram?

The calls of Telegram are free, are encrypted point-to-point, do not support calling group (who could come but much later) and have a low data consumption.

in Addition to this Telegram you do not need the phone number to call and it is enough with the nick of the person who we will call. It seems that they are going to be really good.

The people that has tried it says that they have a good sound and also allow us to establish a strict control of who can call us and as you can see in the screenshots. it Is likely that in a few weeks to arrive to the stable version but currently this is the only way to activate them.

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