How To Download And Install Telegram On PC

Telegram Messenger

The Telegram Messenger app for mobile devices is one the fast and safe mobile internet messaging apps that are available in the App Store and Play Store today. The Telegram messenger app resembles WhatsApp in User Interface and services provide by the app to the user, but the advanced security features and quick message delivery system is what that differs Telegram and WhatsApp.

Telegram Messenger for PC

The Telegram messaging App is specially designed for the users who intend to have a secure chatting with high privacy. In this Telegram Messaging App, the user has a separate option of secret chat where the end to end encryption is enabled for both the users. It is made sure that the messages are read by the intended users only. The one interesting feature that thrills is the Self destruction of messages. It id done so from the sender to self destruct the message in both the devices.

Telegram Messenger for PC

With the advanced security features and quick messaging options, the Telegram messenger is highly recommended for the user who are looking for secure message delivery. Not only this, the user can create groups, text message, send media files like audio, video, photos etc. The cloud storage facility that helps the user save all the data in the cloud makes sure that no data is lost, thus making the app one of the best Internet Messaging Apps available in the market today.

Key Features Of Telegram Messenger

1. Quick and Safe message delivery to the receiver. 2. High privacy enhanced with the secret chat which provides an end to end encryption service. 3. Chat with friends, send Audio files, video files and many more. 4. Save all your date on to cloud for future purpose. 5. The Telegram messenger app is absolutely free and no ads are displayed.

How To Install Telegram On PC or Computer | Telegram Messenger for Windows | Telegram Messenger For Mac

There is no official Telegram app for PC as there are few un-official beta versions of the app for different platforms which are being tested, the user needs to install an Emulator to use the Telegram messenger app on PC. Below is a STEP by STEP process of installing the Telegram Messenger App on your PC.

Step 1 : Install BlueStacks emulator from the official website of BlueStacks through the URL : After successfully installing the BlueStacks on your PC, open the BlueStacks App player.

Step 2 : On the HOME page of BlueStacks App Player, you will find a SEARCH bar on the Top Right side. Use the search bar and search for Telegram messenger.

Telegram Messenger for PC

Step 3 : Once the app is found, click on it and then install the App on to BlueStacks. The page will be redirected to the download page on Play Store or App Store depending on the Operating system have installed the BlueStacks and the device platform you choose.

Telegram Messenger for PC

Step 4 : Now click install and Accept the download and Install procedure just like you install any app in the Play Store or App Store. The app will be downloaded and installed on to your BlueStacks Emulator.

Telegram Messenger for PC

That’s It! You have successfully installed Telegram Messenger app on your PC through BlueStacks. You can now start using the Telegram messenger App on your PC.

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