How to delete Snapchat messages

In this guide we show you how to delete Snapchat messages forever, whether they’re ones you’ve sent or received.

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If you want to get rid of a saved thread for whatever reason, tap on it in the main inbox screen, then long press on individual messages (the bold styling will disappear). The next time you go into this conversation, those entries will be gone. 

2. Speed up deletion

Unsaving messages one by one can be a bit of a tedious process depending on just how chatty you are on Snapchat, but there is an easier way to wipe everything from all the conversations currently saved, and it works even if your friends have saved the thread. 

Go back to the inbox page and you’ll see all trace of the conversations have vanished. Bear in mind that it won’t affect what your contacts have saved on their phones – they’ll still have the conversation history, if they’ve chosen to save it. 

If you’ve activated Snapchat Memories, your own photos (and videos) may be saved to your device, depending on how you’ve set it up. To disable this automatic saving, tap the ghost icon on the capture screen then the cog icon and choose Memories. Turn the Auto-save Stories toggle switch to off.

4. How to delete existing Snapchat photos

The previous step stops any future Snaps getting saved. If you want to erase ones that are already stored, go to the capture screen and tap the small picture icon underneath the shutter button. 

They might have been saved to your phone too (see the step before this one for how to prevent that). To erase these files too, you need to head into the photos app on your device, conveniently called Photos on both stock Android and iOS. 

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