How to delete a message sent in Telegram

Have you ever regretted sending a message to a group or a contact? If you have Telegram v.3.16 or higher, you can delete messages sent in groups or individual chats.

Specifically, there is 48 hours Telegram allows us to eliminate it. If after the first two days we have not done it, we will never be able to. The message we can delete it regardless of whether they have read it or not. I warn you that if you eliminate it without doing it right, it will only erase you and the others will continue to see it.

Legend has it that one of the Telegram’s engineers mistakenly sent two NTFW stickers – not suitable for all audiences, basically – to his mother, which was disastrous because at that time you could not cancel the sending of messages. Obviously, the story is not real because it has much more background than that, but it’s funny.

Telegram: Deleted messages from the sender and receiver

telegram Message

Deleting the message for the originator and receiver means that we will remove the message altogether. We will remove it both from our account and from the account of the other person (s). Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Select the sent message. To do this, we keep clicking on the message or make a simple click on it.
  2. We give the delete button.
  3. We select the box where we are asked if we want to eliminate the message for the recipient too.
  4. When we have made sure that the box is marked, we can eliminate it.

Be very careful when deleting it because if you do not check the box it will only be deleted for you , and if you do it there is no turning back, so there will be no possible way to delete the message sent to the other person. If you do not leave the box do not try, because it means that you can not. If this happens to you go to the Play Store and download the necessary update -Telegram v.3.16 or higher.

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