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The latest version of Telegram give user freedom to create their own sticker sets very easy. Telegram users can create their own favorite character, for sticker creators it’s another platform to market stickers. At this moment, Telegram do not have sticker store, every stickers distributed freely. Read on how you can create Telegram stickers and publish it.

The sticker system on Telegram is half baked, why? Right now stickers are distributed via an URL, each sticker set has its own unique URL address. But, if you visit the URL there is no sticker preview, to view the sticker you have to open it in Telegram iOS or Android version — current version of Telegram for Mac, web or Windows can not preview sticker set, CMIIW.

To create sticker set you do not need special account or tools, all you need is Telegram app on any platform, but for convinience it’s better to use Telegram desktop or web version for easy image upload.

Telegram sticker size is 512×512 pixels, it’s larger than other sticker platforms. LINES or Kakao use 300-ish pixel size. Telegram provide a sticker template in PSD format contain one sticker sample and layer styles. Make your sticker ready using the template, then export it to PNG format.

You might want to read about PNG Optimisation for sticker to make your sticker set file size smaller. Smaller file size means faster download and sticker loading for users.

Sticker Bot Account

All you need to start submiting sticker is to chat with @stickers bot. To chat with @stickers bot, just mention it in with one of your existing chat room, click the @stickers. Stickers Bot will give you commands to sets of commands to manage your stickers, here are the commands.

/newstickerpack – create a new sticker pack /addsticker – add a new sticker to an existing pack /delsticker – remove a sticker from an existing pack /ordersticker – reorder stickers in a pack /cancel – cancel the current operation

Sticker Bot Commands
Insert Emoji

To start news sticker type /newstickerpack in @stickers bot chat room. Sticker bot will ask you to create a sticker set name. After that @sticker bot will ask you to emoji that will be tied with your sticker. Each sticker can be tied to several emoji, but Telegram recomend no more than two emojis per sticker.

Upload your sticker

After you send the emojis, you can upload the sticker to @sticker bot by dropping the PNG file to Telegram window, select to drop “without compression” do not drop it to “in quick way”.

Repeat above two steps for the next stickers. Telegram only permit 30 stickers for each set.

Publish your sticker

After you uploaded all stickers, type /publish to publish the sticker. @sticker bot will ask you to create short name for the suffix of sticker URL address that you can share to the world or download your sticker set on Telegram.

Sticker preview

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