How To Create Telegram Custom Theme

The popular encrypted messaging platform Telegram has added support for themes with the latest update version. The latest version name is v3.17 which is available for all compatible Android phones and it will soon available for all other platforms. Being believe in freedom, Telegram is offered for free and open platform, like the new added custom themes, stickers, bots, and even for third-party client apps. If you are creative, you can now make your own Telegram custom theme by just a simple tab with the new in-built Theme Editor that comes with the latest version. The new update comes with three default themes – default theme, blue theme, and a dark theme which can be easily switched within the theme editor. In this post, we will walk you through the detailed steps by steps guide on how to create Telegram custom theme and change the looks of your Telegram app.

How To Create Telegram Custom Theme

Update Telegram App

To enjoy the new feature, you must first update your Telegram app to the latest version i.e. v3.17. To update, go to your respective app store or download the latest version of Telegram apk from here. Please make sure to download apk only from the link we have provided to stay away from unwanted and harmful malware. In case, if you are unable to install the downloaded apk go to your phone settings, under Settings go to Security and look for Unknown Sources, mark or tick the “Unknown Sources” to allow installation of Telegram Apk.

Switching Telegram Theme

Switching Telegram Theme

If you have already updated or installed the latest Telegram updates, will have the option to change the basic themes that comes along with the updates. To switch to a different theme open your Telegram App, Go to Menu on the top left hand side of the screen. Go to Settings, Under the Settings section Tap on the Theme and choose your desire theme or you can browse themes created by other users by visiting the @Themes channel, which lists Android and desktop themes.

telegram switching theme

Create Telegram Custom Theme

Just like Telegram Stickers and Bots, Telegram themes are part of an open platform, so everyone can create a theme and dazzle the world with new colours and backgrounds. It’s also worth mentioning that the new Theme Editor is now available to Telegram users on Desktop. As mentioned above, in order to create a new theme for Telegram, you must use the new Theme Editor added in the latest update. To create a new Telegram custom theme, follow the steps below;

1. Open your Telegram as you normally do. 2. Tap on the Menu on the Top left of the screen. 3. Go to Settings, under the Settings section tap on Theme. 4. Tap on Create New Theme

create telegram theme

5. On the pop up, Enter the Name for the Theme. Once entered, tap OK.

telegram custom theme name

6. Tap the Pallet icon.

telegram custom theme editor

7. Select the tools or elements from the list 8. To change color, select element “windowBackgroundwhite” tap around and select or pick your desire color for the theme. Once done tap on Save.

creating telegram custom theme

9. Likewise, for the action bar, divider, menu and others you can follow the above step. 10. Once you are done with editing tap on the Save and your newly created Theme will be saved. That’s it.

You can also share your custom theme or preferred theme with your friends or other users. To share your theme just go to Theme you want to share, Tap on the on the Three Dots on the left, tap the Share button from below and choose the platform where you want to share your Theme.

share telegram theme

Please note that, all shared themes will be available for free since they will be part of an open platform. Even if you don’t create your own custom theme, you will be able to download new Telegram themes from various channels like @AndroidThemes.

That’s it on How To Create Telegram Custom Theme. Hope you are able to create telegram custom theme. If you like this post please share.

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