How to create stickers in easily Telegram

Cómo encontrar y añadir stickers para Telegram

Telegram, the messaging application which we have spoken on occasion, includes features and benefits not have Whatsapp. Among them the power send stickers . Today I will explain how you can create you own yours.

Create a sticker

to create sticker need a photo , which you can trim or search. The final picture will have a size of 512 × 512 pixels . We for example use the symbol of top model .

Andro4all #topedegama

Once we have the cropped photo, paste the picture into a 8-bit RGB layer with a transparent content. We recommend that the photo to create in sticker does not occupy the entire layer, but is smaller. With an editor like Photoshop or similar will apply the following effects:

  • Select the layer in which we have the image. Right click and go to Blending Options .
  • In blending options mark the box Outer Glow . Choosing and blending mode Plot option. With an opacity of 75%. Size of 5 pixels and a range of 50%.
  • We mark also Inner Shadow . Choosing as the Multiply blending mode option. With an opacity of 25%. An angle of 120 degrees. Distance of 5 pixels and a size of 10 pixels. Once finished keep the picture on PNG format.

Open telegram recommend I do it from the PC version good for the desktop application or browser, and seek thestickers bot. Whom to give Log writes the following.

Hello, I’m the Sticker Bot! I can create sticker packs from pictures and give you some usage stats for your stickers. Use These commands to check me: / Newpack – create a new sticker pack / addsticker – add a sticker to an existing pack / delsticker – remove a sticker from an existing pack / ordersticker – reorder stickers in a pack / stats – get stats for a sticker / top – get top stickers / packstats – get stats for a sticker pack / packtop – get sticker packs top / cancel – cancel the current operation

to create sticker is necessary to follow the following steps.

  • Create a new pack. Therefore write the bot / Newpack . The bot will ask you assign a name that package stickers .
  • Once you accept the name it is more likely that the name is already in use and have to change it on the other- have to send a emoji by which we identify our sticker .
  • Then we will ask you adjuntemos image as we mentioned above, in PNG format and 512 × 512 pixels. Or at least that one will fit 512 pixels and the other 512 or a little less.
  • Then we will ask if we add another sticker package or publish the package as it is. To add another sticker perform the same procedure mentioned above and to publish it is only necessary to send / publish .
  • Finally, the bot will send us a link where we can Add the package of stickers whom we already have. It is only necessary to send the package look in our sticker and send it.

To delete a sticker of a package so we’ll just send / delsticker and send sticker we want delete . And to remove a package that we have installed, look at stickers package and we click on the cross.

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